Top 17: Best Cabinet Table Saws Reviewed (some under 1000)

Whether you’re a professional craftsman or a D.I.Y. carpenter, chances are the need for a quality cabinet saw will pop up during one or more of your projects.


These handy devices are used to cut wood into both simple and intricate finished pieces. To help you better grasp what is required of a cabinet saw, we’ve compiled a list of the top 17 Best Cabinet Table Saws of 2019.


From saws that offer the most bang for your buck to those with intricate settings and details, our list encompasses a wide range of quality products and provides useful feedback on them.

Things to Consider When Buying The Best Cabinet Table Saws

We get it; there’s a lot to consider when purchasing a cabinet table saw.


For many, the prospect of getting the best cabinet table saw is offset with stringent budget restraints.


No matter how much money you are able or willing to spend, it is important to have a firm grasp of what to look for when purchasing such as a tool. We’ve done our best to compile a straightforward and comprehensive buying guide. Enjoy!

Extension Table

When looking for the best cabinet table saw, the first thing you will want to think about is size. It is important to note that cabinet saws are, in fact, the heaviest and most powerful versions of table saws on the market.


Nevertheless, they vary in expandability and cutting surface.


Think about the dimensions of your average projects before selecting a tool to purchase. What’s more, consider the dimensions of your workspace and compare them with any table saws you may be considering.

Apart from the dimensions of the cutting surface, take into consideration the fact that cabinet table saws typically weigh around 500 pounds.


Due to the size of this tool, you may want to consider retractable casters or other mobility options before making your final purchase.


It is important to note that large table saws produce a large amount of dust. While many saws feature integrated dust collection systems, mobility aids in cleanup.

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Blade Options

The vast majority of table saws are either compatible with a 10 or 12-inch blade. You rarely need to get caught up in sizing. Nevertheless, it is important to pay close attention to the tilt of the blade.


The blades of cabinet saws can either tilt left, right, or both. What’s more, they can tilt at varying angles. Each of these tilts has a wide range of benefits and setbacks.


First off, left-leaning blades are ideal for left-handed people. In addition, they are well suited for cutting beveled edges. Many people prefer this position because it prevents them from trapping wood under the blade and causing it to kick back.

What’s more, left-leaning blades make it easier for right-handed cabinetmakers to measure projects their projects.


Many cabinetmakers prefer right-leaning blades because it allows them to measure using the rip fence. It allows you to adjust the arbor nut with your left hand, which is preferable for left-handed contractors.


Of course, the final decision is truly going to come down to personal preference for the Best Cabinet Table Saws.


The rip fence is the part of the table saw that is used to line up cuts.


Oftentimes, cabinet table saws boast T-shaped fences. It is important that the fence is made of a durable material such as metal. It is important to note that fences can often be purchased separately for a customized setup.


Cabinet saws feature rotating hand wheels that are used to adjust the position of the fence. These cranks should be placed on the front side of the tool for easy maneuverability.


We highly recommend ones with outward-facing knobs, as these are can be cranked with little effort.


When looking at a wide range of table saws, you’ll notice that most cabinet table saws offer anywhere from three to five horsepower. This is often backed by a pol-v belt drive system and plenty of voltage.


Keep in mind that some profession-grade cabinet table saws feature industrial-grade electrical connections. As such, you may need to upgrade your home outlets to accommodate this type of machine.

Safety Features

Even the most notable contractors slip up on occasion. That is why is important to ensure that any table saw you purchase features a wide range of safety features.


After all, these could be the difference with you have ten fingers or nine. One imperative safety feature is a splitter. This allows you to safely handle cuts without a massive guard in the way of your hand.


Alternatively, a riving knife is a more dynamic splitter, as it prevents kickback. It is important to that kickback is one of the leading causes of saw-related injuries.

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Foundation and Storage

The large motor housing and cabinet space beneath cabinet table saws are what define them as some of the bulkiest and robust tools on the market.


We suggest keeping an eye out for cabinet table saws that offer easy access storage compartments that can hold items such as blades.


By having a close and convenient location to store and access replacement parts, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to maintain your machine. As a result, you can complete jobs faster than ever before.

Dust Collection

Last, but certainly not least, dust collection should be in the back of your mind when purchasing a cabinet table saw. If you’ve ever completed a woodworking project, you know that sawdust can be quite the nuisance.


Check out these dust masks for woodworking.


In fact, studies show that the chemicals and toxins found within wood have a detrimental effect on the health of carpenters and others who work with wood.


Cabinet table saws with integrated dust collection systems have the potential to prevent hazardous material from making its way into the air of your workspace. These systems make it far easier to clean up after a long day of work.


The Best Cabinet Table Saws Reviews

17. Best Cabinet Storage

Delta 3 HP Motor 10 in. UNISAW with 52 in. BIESEMEYER Fence System

Best Cabinet Table Saw Reviews


While many of the cabinet table saws we reviewed were missing this essential feature, the Delta does not disappoint.


It also features a tool-free split guard to ensure the riving knife rises and falls smoothly .


All this is backed by a super powerful 3-horsepower motor. Cabinetmakers will revel in the 52-inch expandable workspace.


The Biesemeyer fence system, with black rails and baseboard, provide a reliable and attractive setting lining up complicated cuts.


Finally, we cannot get over the easy access dual front cranks which give this table saw some serious shop cred.

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16. Best Expandable Rear and Side Combo

Best Cabinet Table Saws

We cannot get enough of this super wide L-shaped cabinet table saw. It boasts a 45-degree left blade tilt and fits a standard 10-inch blade.


It has many noteworthy safety features, including thermal overload protection and a rail-mounted magnetic switch.


Not to mention, this saw is made from a longstanding American toolmaker.


The extension table is made from long-lasting medium density fiberboard, while the base is made from professionally coated cast-iron.


For those who are concerned about meeting work quotas, the 3-horsepower engine putts along without hesitation. It has fully adjustable gab plates on the sliding rails (30).

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15. Cabinet Table Saw With the Smoothest Adjustments (under 1000)

Best Cabinet Table Saws 2019

One look at the Shop Fox W1819 3 HP tells you this tool is quite the workhorse.


Of course, the white finish and shiny hand wheels give it an attractive industrial look too.


The cabinet holds a 2 HP Leeson motor with a triple belt drive.


The saw features a long extendable workspace with a 29.5-inch rip capacity, which is pretty average (27).


This Shop Fox cabinet saw boasts a full motion riving knife and a T-slot miter gauge for specialty cross cuts (28). Another great feature is the spreader, which prevents the newly cut wood from kicking back.


There are anti-kickback pawls, which stop workpieces from trashing into you (29).

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14. Best Cabinet Table Saw Under 1000

MAKSIWA Table Saw 3HP – 1 or 3 Phases (SCI)

It’s hard to find a decent cabinet table saw under 1000 bucks, but the Maksiwa table can create super precise cuts in a wide variety of materials.

Best Cabinet Table Saw under 1000

The saw boasts precision guides and easy adjustments. It holds a 10-inch blade.


The dimensions of the extension table are 20 inches wide by 27 inches long.


With a generous work surface and plenty of safety features, this is a great option for carpenters on a super tight budget.

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Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw 50-Inch Fence

We cannot safe enough positive things about the Powermatic PM1000.

Best Budget Cabinet Table Saw 2020


This budget-friendly professional-grade cabinet saw is compatible with 115-volt power supplies, making it suitable for residential use (26).


It has a reliable dust collection system, with an integrated collection tube for minimal obstruction and easy cleanup.


Another neat feature is the hand-free on/off switch. For a budget saw, you get plenty of blade rotation, with around 60 degrees flexibility in both directions.


Of course, this machine is very quiet thanks to the poly-v belt drive system, which reduces motor vibrations.


Finally, the 30-inch Accu-fence system makes for clean, accurate cuts every time.

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12. Best Push Button Arbob Lock

While we already gave our honest review of the Powermatic PM2000, this list would not be complete without there three-phase cabinet saw.

Best Cabinet Table Saw Reviews

This powerhouse tool features loads of cabinet making must-haves, including a quick release riving knife, arbor lock, poly-v belt system, and heavy-duty trunnion.


One of its most noteworthy features is its 14-inch table arena. However, our review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the push button arbor lock.


This safety feature makes changing blades incredibly easy (25).

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Grizzly G0715P Polar Bear Series Hybrid Table Saw with Riving Knife, 10-Inch

We can’t take our eyes off this crisp white hybrid table saw, which is suitable for both contractors and cabinetmakers.


top Cabinet Table Saws

While the unique finish is eye-catching, it is the user convenience and performance statistics that make this cabinet table saw one of our favorites.


It boasts a serpentine belt and pulley system that paves the way for a quieter work environment.


It boasts a sturdy T-shaped fence that enables persistently accurate cuts and micro-adjustments (24).


We can’t forget to mention the Polar Bear’s interchangeable riving knife that comes in handy for difficult non-through detail work.


Not only is this machine incredibly safe but it is also designed to be an attractive addition to any workspace.

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10. Most Mobile Professional-grade Cabinet Saw

Powermatic 1792001K PM2000 Table Saw with 50-Inch Accu-Fence System and Rout-R-Lift

best budget cabinet table saw

Yet another amazing saw with an easy-to-use retractable caster system, the Powermatic 1792001K PM2000 makes it onto our list for its must-have flexibility and convenience.


While you’ll pay a steep price for this award-winning cabinet saw, it offers a generous workspace, easy adjustments, and reliable performance.


The unit expands to 42 inches long and is mar-free.It also has a three horsepower single-phase engine that can perform precision cuts with refined angles and details.


The 5-year extended warranty keeps typical consumer worries at bay. Meanwhile, the steel cabinet and aluminum fence are clearly built to last.

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9. Quietest Cabinet Saw

Jet 708674PK XACTASAW Deluxe Three-horspower Single-phase 30-inch Rip Fence

best budget cabinet table saw

It’s difficult to look past the Jet cabinet table saw’s quick release riving knife. This incredible cutting device is mounted to the saw’s heavy-duty trunnion.


We love the Jet’s fully enclosed cabinet, which is a true hallmark of a cabinet saw (22).

What’s more, this saw’s arbor assembly boasts a push-button lock for even faster blade changes.


In addition, dust is never an issue thanks to the integrated flex hose and internal shroud. Of course, the mainstay of this powerful cabinet saw has to be its super quiet performance.


It features a poly-v drive belt system that ensures the saw operates smoothly at high speeds without creating too much noise.


For contractors who are subject to long hours in the shop, this is absolutely essential (23).

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8. Most Shop-worthy model (and Second time mentioned on the list!)

Powermatic 1792001K PM2000, 3HP 1PH Table Saw, with 50-Inch Accu-Fence System and Rout-R-Lift


The first thing we noticed about the Powermatic was its built-in retractable caster system. Thanks to this system, this heavy-duty device can be easily moved for cleanup and moves. Besides being somewhat mobile, this table saw boasts an incredibly large workspace.


A sophisticated trunnion mechanism makes adjustments incredibly smooth and risk-free. Meanwhile, the base is constructed from heavy-gauge steel and cast iron, ensuring that all jobs are vibration-free.


We love the Accu-Fences’ elite dust collection system, which drastically improves the potential air quality in your workspace (21).

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7. Most Elaborate Cabinet Table Saw

Baileigh TS-1248P-36 Professional Cabinet Style Table Saw

While the 36 doesn’t differ much from the aforementioned Baileigh TS-1248P, it is the next step up in terms of professional cabinet table saws.

cabinet table saw reviews 2019

This brand is well known for being the number one manufacturer in metal and woodworking tools (20).


Things like the Leeson motor and industrial-strength fence rails make it a mainstay amongst cabinetmakers.


Of course, this model’s 26-inch rip width and five horsepower single-phase motor five it four stars in our book.

It has a nice professional-looking sheen and solid cast-iron base that will hold up to heavy use.

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DAYTON 49G995 Cabinet Table Saw, 10 in. Blade G2152851

The Dayton cabinet table saw offers users unmatched functionality.

cabinet table saw reviews 2019

It offers plenty of woodworking essentials, including a dado arbor, carbide blade, and riveting knife system.


What’s more, it boats a T-style rip fence, which provides consistent alignment and easy adjustments (19).


Meanwhile, the Dayton features a standard 10-inch blade with a right tilt.

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5. Best Left-tilting Cabinet Saw

Grizzly G1023RL 3 HP Cabinet Left-Tilting Table Saw

grizzly cabinet table saw

Yet another affordable and powerful saw made by Grizzly, the G1023RL 3 HP’s left-tilting blade helps prevent the wood from binding against the fence (18).

This saw features fully adjustable gab plates on its head sliding rails.


The G1023RL happens to be one of the few cabinetry tools still made manufactured in the United States.


Our only qualm when it comes to this product is there is a lot of dust. It can be hooked up to a dust collector to eliminate and control potential messes.

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Best Cabinet Table Saws

Shop Fox W1851 Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw with Extension Table

The Shop Fox W1851 Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw is a woodworking beast, with an extension table that measures 27 by 55 inches.


It offers extreme versatility, thanks to the high-low aluminum rip fence (17).


What’s more, the table is made from durable cast iron and features 220 volts of power.


Keep in mind that putting together the Shop Fox isn’t easy. Nevertheless, the task is well worth the frustration.

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best cabinet table saw

Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife

The Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw boasts an amazing 10-inch riving knife, which eliminates kickback (16).


What’s more, the saw’s motor offers 200 volts and up to 4,300 revolutions per minute of power (RPM).


It can be used to mill a variety of grooves, including dados, rips, and angled cuts.


It boasts plenty of extension space, with a maximum table surface of 27 inches by 40 inches.


Overall, the Grizzly is made of durable parts, including a cast-iron tabletop, wings, and trunnions.

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2. Best Mid-range Cabinet Saw

SawStop PCS175-TGP236 1.75-HPProfessional Cabinet Saw

The SawStop PCS175-TGP236 1.75-HP is a moderately priced cabinet that features a proprietary 26-inch T-shaped glide fence system that enables accurate cutting.

best cabinet table saw

The extension table and rails are made from premium vibration-resistant steel with a sharp metallic finish.


The PCS175-TGP236 1.75-HP possesses a SawStop safety system, which includes an automatic brake as well as a durable blade guard (15).


Other pivotal features include a riveting knife, a left-leaning blade, and two pivoting casters.

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1. Best Professional-grade Cabinet Saw

Baileigh TS-1248P-52 Professional Cabinet Style Table Saw

Cabinet Table Saws 2019

The Baileigh TS-1248P-52 features a powerful Lesson motor, which boasts 3,600 load-free RPMs (11). This is backed by a vibration-resistant steel base with a powerful trunnion (12).


The saw boasts a large square-shaped cutting platform that measures 48 by 30 inches.


It has a hi-tech advantage, with digital blade tilt readouts incorporated into the rip fence. The Baileigh boasts easy-to-use rack and pinion steering adjustments as well as hand wheels to enable easy and safe blade and miter adjustments.


Final Thoughts

While it may seem like a difficult task to determine what is the best cabinet table saw, we are confident that we provided you with a wide variety of options to mull over.


Cabinet table saws are substantial pieces of equipment and acquiring one is no easy feat.

For many D.I.Y. and professional contractors and cabinetmakers, the vast majority of their projects will be completed with the help of a cabinet table saw.

For this reason, it is important to carefully analyze each and every detail of a product before making your final decision.

We truly enjoyed exploring this long list of options. Please leave a comment below to let us know what you thought about our top Best Cabinet Table Saws.