Buyers Guide: The Best Miter Saw Reviews for Homeowners 2022

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best sliding compound miter saw 2020Whats is a Miter Saw?

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is one thing that homeowners should to be prepared to do at any given time. Anyone looking to make accurate and precise cuttings every now and then definitely requires a reliably working miter saw.

In the simplest term, a miter saw is a machine used by homeowners, carpenters, small woodworkers, and other small contractors to shape a variety of wood items by cutting into the woods.

A Miter Saw Makes Work Easier

It has some of the most excellent features that make it one of the best machines in woodwork projects, as well as being cost effective.

With that said there is no machine that would probably be more appropriate than the miter saw in cutting different frames of wood in your home with much needed ease.

However, homeowners always have numerous challenges in finding the best miter saw that would not only be worth the price but also work at its best.

These challenges are brought to the fold by the availability of numerous miter saw choices in the market.

Best Miter Saw Reviews 2020Homeowners should be knowledgeable on all the issues concerning miter saws before deciding to get one.

This knowledge will be useful in choosing the best that require less money to purchase and provides the owner with long-lasting benefits.

For that reason, this article takes an in-depth look at different types of miter saw that homeowners can find in the market. 

They include: The best standard miter saws, best sliding miter saws, and best compound miter saws, as well as the overall best miter, saw for homeowners, contractors, and carpenters.

Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Miter SawBest Miter Saw stand

As noted above, finding the best working miter saw can be quite a challenge taking into account that there are a plethora of choices in the market.

Nonetheless, there are some general features that will clearly show you that a miter saw can be ranked among the very best.

The best miter saw should be easy to handle, versatile, reliable, accurate, less expensive, and have long warranties.

By looking at these features, you realize that a perfect miter saw should provide comfort in DIY wood projects, as well as enhance innovation within your work.

best miter saw for money

Differences Between Various Types of Miter Saws

Without looking at specific brands, there are various types of miter saws that carry out varying duties and have differing features.

The most commonly known ones include; standard miter saw, sliding miter saw and compound miter saw. These top-notch machines have significant differences.

Before proceeding to the finer details of these types of miter saws and what makes them different, it essential to note that the type of miter saw that you get will be highly determined the types of cuts that you need for your project.

In essence, some of these basic cuts include:

  • Miter Cut– It involves angling the cutting across the width of the material that is in use.
  • CrossCutA normal cut that involves cutting the wood to length.
  • Bevel CutIt involves angling the cut through the thickness of the wood.
  • Compound Cut– As the name suggests, it is a combination of both the miter and bevel cuts. In simple terms, it is a cut that angles across both the width and thickness of the material.


Standard Miter Saw

Basically, a standard miter saw is not perfectly suitable for either a bevel or a slide cut. Its blade has a fixed pivot, which remains vertical at all times unless the cutting table is angled horizontally.

Although a standard miter saw may have a 10″ or 12″ diameter blade, it is limited in its versatility and modifications when compared to either a sliding or a compound miter saw.

Standard miter saws do not have enhanced bevel options that are present in sliding and compound miter saws. Even so, a standard miter saw is easier to use, accurate and faster when compared to other handsaw solutions.

In comparison to both the sliding and compound miter saws, it is lighter and simple to operate, thereby far much comfortable. Apart from its solid functionality, a standard miter saw has lower price tags compared to other miter saw models.


Sliding Miter Saw

This is literally the road map of tools’ evolution.

It can be angled to cut through the wood horizontally and vertically, thereby making cuts in wide areas of the material much easier, especially when compared to a standard miter saw.

A sliding miter saw can either come with a single or dual cutting option, which makes it work with greater versatility and gives you the option of not having to flip over your material every now and then.

This model comes with a circular table, which pivots with the blade, making it essential for bevel cuts.


Compound Miter Saw

A compound miter saw is among the best selling miter saws that are currently available in the market. This is because of its efficiency and enhancements in cutting and framing wood.

It is the epitome of both standard and sliding models in every way.

It has a powerful motor that is unlikely to bog down, a tall fence that supports angle crown, up-front adjustments for no-hassle adjustments, and built-in extensions.

Compound miter saws also have other amazing features such as dust extraction and management. You should be prepared to pay a considerably hefty price for any compound miter saw.

The Best Miter Saw Reviews

Here, we take a look at the overall best miters saw that you can find around. These insights give you the perfect opportunity of being knowledgeable in choosing some of the best miter saws for personal use. So, who makes the best miter saw? …. Overall Best Miter Saws


1. Makita LS1221 Miter Saw

Whats The Best Miter Saw ReviewsWhen it comes to finding the best miter saw around, few can beat the Makita LS1221 (see safety and warranty info).

This explicitly functional machine has complete features, which you would require in a miter saw.

From the tipped blades, socket wrench, vice, wings to the dust bag, it has every possible feature that you would think of.

This astonishing machine has the following specific features:


Portable– It is less heavy, therefore not only portable but also comfortable to use.

It is also convenient in the sense that it has fewer shatters, to enable you to cut into various forms of woods with a lot of accuracy and precision.

This precision is enabled by its ability to allow more than 8 breaks both in the right and left directions.


Easy to Handle– Its handles are horizontally D-shaped to make it easy to handle and operate.


Eco friendly– This machine is manufactured to produce less dust, thereby making it Eco friendly. It has a dust bag that does not allow dust and other waste materials to spread outside.

Its manual is easy to read and understand, making it user friendly, as well as having a full year warranty.

2. Makita LS1016L Compound Miter Saw

Best Miter SawIn the world of miter saws, Makita products are known as the most perfect and powerful miter saws.

The LS1016L is another Makita model in the second spot of the finest miter saws. These are some of its explicit features:


Powerful– This model has a great gear motor. It is a powerful 15 AMP, which will probably never slip.

It gives you the chance to manage the momentum of your cuttings, consequently enhancing the quality of your cuts. Such a powerful machine needs proper and constant upholding to work at it best.


Quality Cutting– Apart from its speed controls, this machine has a sheath-able guard system, which makes perpendicular cuttings straightforward and accurate. It comes with an intensified crown molding and a rear cutting guard.


Durable and Versatile– This model is known to serve at the highest level for many years based on the right materials used in modeling it. It has a retractable and side guard system, which allows for multiple and different cuts of varying angles, sizes, and shapes.


Portable– It is naturally light. In that way, it promotes comfort at work as it can be easily transferred from one point to the other.

3. DeWalt DW715 Compound Miter Saw

Best Miter SawThis DeWalt DW715 is not only known for its performance, but also for its portability, which can enable you to carry it around the sites. It gives you the chance to flawlessly and comfortably work on your DIY wood projects and will make your work easier than ever before. Some of its unique features include:

Highly Accurate- Many reliable wood magazines note that this is the most accurate miter saw. Its adjustments are quite simple, easy to master, handle, and have a very fast switch.

This epitome of technology prevents you from involving the traditional use of knobs and screws.

The precision and accuracy that this machine brings to the woodwork project are one of the reasons behind its popularity.

Durable and Use Friendly– This machine is efficient and user-friendly.

It has an incredible dust collector, which ensures that the dust does not interfere with readings on the scale. It is also built to long last, has fine blades for best cuts, convenient extension wings, as well as a great performance that makes it popular among homeowners and woodwork specialists.

4. Proxxon 37160 KGS Micro Chop Miter Saw

Best Miter Saw 2020This model is definitely worth when it comes to reliability and high performance. Its superb and excellent features include:


Powerful Motor– the AC 200w not only gives you a fast and reliable woodwork machine but is also quiet and simple functioning, a feature that is alien to other miter saws.

It does not produce noise that is a nuisance to others, hence it can be highly productive in any setting both at home and at other various sites. It is less heavy to enable portability, promote comfort, and easy to work with.

Precise Cut– It has carbide-tipped blades, which have poly-carbonate protection to enhance fine cuts across the board in terms of sizes, shapes, and angles. It is proficient in making different types of frames and crown mountings, which will, of course, require some special skills.


Durable– It is tough and long-lasting, and is preferred by highly skilled woodwork professionals.

5. Jet JMS-12SCMS DUAL-BEVEL Slide Compound Miter Saw

This machine is popular with both beginners and professionals. Its accuracy and uncomplicated features are some of the features that make this product awesome.

The blade is admirable and can be easily replaced if damaged. It is made of an aluminum cast, hence easily portable within the house and workplace. It is versatile and can allow for trouble-free mounting, while still remaining durable.

The Jet JMS-12SCMS miter saw is designed ergonomically to allow for accuracy, precision, maximum control, and safety, which is enabled by its perfect up-front knobs.


Best Sliding Miter Saw

Some of the best sliding miter saws are known to provide support for bevels and right-angle work. Here are some of the best sliding miter saws.

6. Milwaukee 6955-20 12-Inch Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw with Digital Miter Angle

different types of miter sawsThe Milwaukee 6955-20 has an exceptional convertible fence extension on the left side and is ideal for right-angle work.

It has a 12-inch lining table, as well as a flip-away stop that is wonderful for receptive cuts.


Its table is high enough to efficiently support long pieces and has an easy to read bevel scale.


It is also unique in the sense that it has angled rails fixed to the tool frame, unlike other miter saws, which have their rails fixed to the power-head.

best miter saw for homeowner





A disadvantage that these extended rails bring to the machine are evident considering that they make it difficult to move and store the machine.


Its slide action is a little rougher with the spring-loaded bearings having the tendency of playing on the power-head.


7. Hitachi C10FSBP4 12-Amp 10-Inch Sliding Dual Compound Miter Saw

This is one of the best sliding miter saws that is fixed with an overhead motor and belt drive, which allows bevels to move left and right.

Best Sliding Miter Saw 2020


It is augmented with the removable sliding fence that can be easily adjusted depending on the work. A unique feature of the Hitachi is its size, which allows for uncomplicated portability.


It also has bevel plastic blocks that are mounted behind the blade to block small cut offs from hitting the user.


Its miter scale is not up to modern standards and can be difficult to read.



8. Porter-Cable 3807

Best Miter Saw reviews 2019Porter-Cable 3807 has a rail-under-the-table design, which is compact and sensible.

This is one of the easiest miter saws to transport around. It has a common 10″ diameter blade and can lock solidly at common angles.


It has horizontal handles with no extensions, as well as a fairly low fence. It has no fixed table at both sides but has a better stock clamp for pivoting. These features make it fast and secure to use.



miter saw review

Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw

While most miter saws have efficiently working right to left bevels, sliding compound miter saws are known to be much more convenient because of their dual-bevel blades. Here is a look at some of the best in the market.

9. Makita LS1216L 12-Inch Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw

Best Miter Saw reviews

Just like the Makita LS1016, LS1216 is known for its well-designed features and controls. It is a smooth operating machine that is conveniently assembled to work with precision.


The bevel cuts can be adjusted up to a 90-degree angle and have linear ball bearings in both rails that are crucial for flexibility.


It is durable, trouble free, easy to carry around, and obviously a highly performing miter saw.

10. DEWALT DW718 12-Inch Double-Bevel Slide Compound Miter Saw

Best Miter Saw 2019DeWalt DW708 has a big 12″ diameter blade that not only stands out in appearance but also works well with its vertically stacked twin rails, a belt-drive, and an overhead motor.


The efficiently placed one-piece fence and height extensions are perfectly placed to accommodate both the right and left angle cuts.


It has easy to grip horizontal handles and a cam-lock arrangement that is combined with a decent lever for common angles.


Its durability, performance, and precision are never in doubt.

11. Craftsman Miter Saw 10″ Single Bevel Sliding Compound

Best Sliding Compound Miter SawMade by sears, the craftsman 21292 is the only miter saw in this category that has a metal shroud over its rail assembly.


It has three rails with two linear bearings, instead of the normal two. These rails are essential in bush splitting, bearing riding, and for slide-locking.


The 10″ can crown mold and has small extensions on both sides of the pivot section.


It is one of the heaviest miter saw, but ultimately amongst the best when it comes to performance.




Closing Shop!

Understanding the core features of any given miter saw is an essential benefit when it comes to choosing the most excellent miter saw that will help you in your DIY woodwork projects.


With numerous Miter saws readily available in the market, always keep in mind that a perfect miter saw is one that works with maximum efficiency, ease, and with utmost accuracy.


Whether you can afford a standard miter saw, a sliding miter saw or a compound miter saw, durability, precision, portability, versatility, as well as general performance, are some of the main features that you should keenly take an interest.


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