Top 7: Best Woodworking Clamps 2020

With the vast number of options available out there, choosing a woodworking clamp that’s right is a daunting task. This is particularly true for individuals who have never worked with this tool. Clamps come in various sizes, shapes and models.

The fact that the best models are expensive doesn’t make your task any easier. The good news is that there are budget friendly options that get the job done efficiently.

In this post, we review the best woodworking clamps in a bid to make your search easier.

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What Clamps Do I Need For Woodworking?

1. Bessey LM2.004 LM General Purpose Clamp

Best Woodworking Clamps 2019

This is a 4-inch bar clamp that’s designed for light-duty work and will prove handy for tasks like hold down work, gluing as well as general clamping jobs.

 It is constructed using highly durable materials and is easy to install as well as use.

One of the major highlights is the handle, which is made of wood and whose texture allows for a firm grip while working.

The tool can be used in place of c-clamps and features a preventive cap that protects the material from damage. The bar is serrated and catches the movable jaw quickly.

It is several times faster than the 1-, 2- and 3- inch clamps, making for a more efficient way of getting small tasks done. The quality cast jaws have a bright, drawn steel rail serrated on two sides.

Another notable feature is the 2-inch nominal throat depth which has a 4-inch nominal opening. Our only concern is that the red plastic cap on the movable jaw comes off easily.

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2. Piher Maxipress F-Style Piston Clamp

If you are in the market for best f style clamps, Piher’s Maxipress F-Style Clamp will prove worth your money. What makes it exceptional is the double-threaded piston system which produces a faster clamping power and speed compared to the standard f-style woodworking clamps.

This eliminates the need for one to wait for the clamping head to get to the work piece. It’s not easy for misalignment to occur thanks to the fact that the piston is restricted.Best Clamps for glue ups

Unlike other f-style clamps whose steel bars rely on engineering, the bar that comes with Maxipress is built to last with cold rolled steel. Such a robust and hefty bar isn’t easy to find on f-style clamps.

This tool offers up to 2000 pounds of clamping pressure, but the lack of clamping pads increases the risk of marring on the wood. The swiveling handle is incredibly unique and creative. It helps dispel the fear of not being able to get enough pressure to close a few gaps during a gluing job.

The 4.75 inch throat capacity gives you plenty of reach so that you can complete all of your clamping needs. The cast iron combines with serrations to prevent the lower jaw from slipping. You will love the fact that the Piher Maxipress is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

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3. Bessey KRK2450 REVO K-Body

Bessey is known for designing and manufacturing the best parallel clamps and the KRK2450 K-Body is a testimony of that. This model comes with several improvements as compared to the original K-Body.

A good example is the jaw, which though has parallel action, it offers 30% more surface area. The handle is larger and ensures a soft, yet firm grip.

best woodworking clamps 2019

There is a plastic end piece that does a great job of keeping the bar from tipping, particularly when the jaws are working closely together. Since it is removable, you can easily remove and reverse the jaw when you need to clap into a spreader.

The sliding jaw moves smoothly in both directions during use. This bad boy is sold in eight sizes ranging from 12 inches to 98 inches.

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4. Irwin Quick-Grip XP600 Clamp

While many people love parallel clamps for their tremendous clamping force, there are situations like gluing jobs that don’t require a lot of force. This is where quick and spreader clamps come in.

If consumer reviews and ratings are anything to go by, the Irwin’s Quick-grip XP600 is one of the best quick clamps you will find on the market. It is a one-handed bar and spreader clamp that comes with a whole lot of useful features.

You can use it with one hand when you need the other hand for stabilizing the pieces you are clamping or use it as a spreader on those occasions when you want to disassemble.

best cheap parallel clamps

It comes with a heated treated black oxide carbon steel I-Beam that goes a long way towards reducing bowing and twisting. Placing the stock as close to this bar further reduces bowing.

The clamping jaws come with removable clamping pads that help with even distribution of pressure and protect stock surfaces.

This model offers up to 600 pounds of clamping pressure, which is more than enough for light-duty tasks. The moveable ribbed foot under the I-Beam allows for better balance when the clamp is rested on a working surface.

Other notable features include a large handle with a comfortable grip, quick-change spring-loaded screw to remove the fixed jaw, Power Lock System, and throat depth of 3.75 inches.

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5. Dynamic Tools D090003 Drop Forged C-Clamp

Dynamic Tools is a brand with a reputation for addressing the needs of industrialists in search of tools that fit the budget. There are more than 1600 products ranging from toolboxes, wrenches and locking tools to sockets, hammers and pliers.

They also produce some of the best clamps for woodworking and the D090003 Drop Forged C-Clamp is a testimony of how good they are. What makes this tool exceptional is its combination of unique features.

best c clamp reviews

It comes with a handle that has large, visible size markings for a firm and comfortable grip. This also allows you to apply more clamping pressure while working.

The highly distinctive color scheme makes finding the tool in any toolbox a walk in the park while the Lifetime Warranty assures users that they are getting quality for their money. The frame is made from drop forged steel, known for its strength and durability.

Also featured is a high strength ACME screw that is coated with black oxide for improved corrosion resistance. Other features include a 3.25 inch throat depth and an opening capacity of 0-4 inches.

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6. Bessey EKT-55 One Handed Edge Clamp

Perhaps the most intriguing offering from Bessey’s line of clamps is the EKT-55 that allows you to secure banding with one hand. Being able to do banding with a single hand is what many would call showing off.

And while it is designed from the ground up, you will love that this clamp makes use of ACME thread that’s traditionally built by Bessey.

best heavy duty c clamps

The handle has a range of 3/8 inches to 2 inches and as such, can handle all of your edge clamping needs. The edge clamping disk teams with the provided clamping pads to perform an exceptional job without leaving marring on your work pieces.

The EKT-55 offers up to 500 pounds of clamping pressure, and this is developed progressively. Another notable feature is the u-shaped aluminum frame with composite levers and arms that utilize non-marring pads to apply pressure.

best clamp for woodworking

It’s important to note that this clamp loses clamping force, especially if you keep cranking it down excessively at a single setting range.

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7. Kreg Corner KHC-90DCC Clamp

If you are interested in making the perfect mitered corners, you will find the Kreg Corner KHC-90DCC quite useful. This clamp features a square design that allows you to automatically align joints at a 90-degree angle.

The handle has an L-shape for quick release, hence ease of use.

best c clamp for woodworking

The swivel head is quite innovative and easily adjusts for thicknesses of up to 1.25 inches. Also featured is a large clamping that’s made from heat-treated steel and has nickel plating for increased durability.

The plating plays a vital role when it comes to protecting soft woods from imprints.

Being a right angle clamp, it is quite versatile and can be used for all kinds of applications including shelf installation, doweling, drawer construction, framing, screwing and more.

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There isn’t a one-size fits all when it comes to clamps. When it comes to choosing the right tool for you, the trick is to identify the specific intended use.

For instance, spreader clamps are great for light-duty tasks like gluing while the heavy-duty applications are better off with a parallel. We hope our reviews of the best woodworking clamps based on types has helped ease your search.