11 Best Bench Grinder Reviews for DIY Projects and Beyond

With two spinning wheels that are interchangeable, a bench grinder is mostly used to sharpen tools in your workshop.

But, did you know that you can also a bench grinder for a wide range of other projects?

If you are a woodworker, you know a bench grinder is a vital part of your work for smoothing out rough spots and leveling joints.

Overall, a bench grinder is a handy tool to have around when you need to smooth, rough up, or sharpen a variety of materials.

Here are a few tips on what to look for in the best bench grinder and a few bench grinder reviews to help you start shopping.

Best Bench Grinder

Features To Consider When Choosing A Bench Grinder


Work Light

Work lights are great features to help illuminate your workspace. The type of work light can vary with some that are attached right over the unit and others found right over the wheel.

They can also have flexible necks that you can adjust so that the light is positioned right where you need it. Several models on the market come with more than one light helping you view what is happening in different parts of the grinder.



Finding a system that gives you a range of different wheel options is important when choosing a bench grinder. It doesn’t have to have every one of them, but most bench grinders will give you a fine or medium wheel as well as a coarse one.

Make sure you know what wheel types you are getting with your new bench grinder so you can also find after-market accessories and add-one later on. Avoid models that have a small number of wheels available.

Also look at the type of material the wheels are made of like vitrified aluminum oxide that is used mostly for grinding steel and silicon carbide that works better on nonferrous materials and cast iron. Of the other stones that you can choose from, it’s more of a personal preference as well as what your budget is.

So, if you work with wood a lot, you need to do your research and find the best bench grinder for woodworking.

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You will find that bench grinders come in different sizes including a miniature option at only 3 inches and the largest ones at 8 inches.

The type of projects you have planned will actually determine the wheel size you need as well as your own personal preferences.

If you do fine woodworking, it will be important to research bench grinder reviews for fine woodworking to see what size will work with the type of projects you do.



The overall speed of the unit is also important as you need to make sure you have enough to get the projects done that you have planned. The faster the wheels spin, the more it will do at a quicker pace.

You want a bench grinder to fall somewhere between 3,000 and 3,600 rpm, so make sure the model you are looking at can go that fast.

There are also plenty of models that go faster, but you also don’t want to have something that it too much for what you plan to do. Many models also feature variable speed options that let you change between low and high speeds.

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Best Bench Grinder Reviews

can you use a bench grinder on wood

One of the most affordable bench grinders on the list, the Sunex 5002A comes with two grinding wheels including a light sanding 60 grit surface and a fast sanding and grinding 36 grit wheel.

With a base made of cast-iron, this is a stable tool with rubber covered feet to absorbs vibrations and holes that allow you to easily mount it to your workbench. It also includes a ¾ HP motor running at 3,450 rpm.

The Sunex 5002A also comes with a handy work neck that features a flexible neck making it easy to adjust the light where you need it most.

It also features a spark guard and eye shield to protect the user from debris and sparks. Only weighing 36 pounds, this is the ideal stationary bench grinder that can sharpen lawnmower blades and tools easily with almost no vibration or noise.


  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Features a double cast iron base and a ¾ HP motor
  • Includes an adjustable eye shield and spark guard


  • Wheels tend to wobble
  • Not easy to fasten the bench grinder to a workbench

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Best Bench Grinder 2018

10. WEN 4276 Bench Grinder

The high-quality and affordable WEN 4276 Bench Grinder will not stall when you apply extra pressure. This is a quiet and smooth-running bench grinder that runs at 3450 rpm with its 2.1 amp motor.

It has a compact and sturdy design preventing vibration and the clear protection shields help protect your eyes from debris and sparks.

The WEN 4276 also comes with a handy lamp that helps to illuminate your work area while the stand needs to be purchased separately.

You also get two wheels each with different grit including a 36 grit for fast and efficient cleaning and a 60 grit wheel that is needed for general use. With a quiet and smooth motor, this affordable bench grinder is perfect for all your light duty projects.


  • Lightweight, compact, and affordable
  • Well-built and sturdy that includes a lamp and spark shield
  • Quiet and smooth motor


  • Spark shield sometimes falls off
  • Can’t be used on heavy-duty projects

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Bench Grinder review

One of the more powerful bench grinders on the list is the Porter-Cable PCB525BG features variable speeds between 2000 and 3400 rpm. It also has a 5.0 Amp ball-bearing induction motor that gives you the versatility to perform shaping, grinding, and sharpening projects.

You also get a diamond wheel dresser and convenient work light as well as a sturdy cast iron base.

The included detractable wheel dresser and removable quench water tray helps when you need to clean and reshape the grinding wheel.

Rubber feet on the cast iron base help to increase its durability and lessen vibrations. This is a heavy duty grinder weighing in at just under forty pounds and is perfect for working on garden tools, knives, lawn mower blades, and drill bits.


  • Comes with a diamond wheel dress
  • Has step-in angle adjustments
  • Quiet and smooth operations


  • Can’t lock the shift as you change wheels
  • No notch to keep the wheel in place

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Best Bench Grinder Reviews

Equipped to sustain variable speeds between 2000 and 3400 rpm, the 8-inch Delta 23-197 Bench Grinder includes tool rests that are ideal when sharpening drill thanks to their milled slots.

You can sharpen, grind, polish, and buff thanks to its slow variable speed capability that is important when you are sharpening lathe tools. Built to execute specific jobs, it includes wheels for both grinding and sharpening.

This well-built tool will sit well on a workbench without clamps or bolts, and it can use grit wheels with the safety guards that keep you safe from sparks.

This is an easy to assemble tool that also features easy to change wheels for various projects.

Other features include a built-in work light to illuminate your work area for improved safety, the tool rests are convenient when you need to adjust the wheels angles.


  • Great for sharpening different types of materials
  • Cast-iron construction lessens vibrations
  • Includes a water cup so you can cool materials


  • Has a tendency to wobble requiring adjustments

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best bench grinder for woodworking

Versatile, durable, and reliable, the Dewalt DW758 Bench Grinder is perfect for professionals and beginners.

This 8-inch bench grinder can grind, clean, and sharpen pieces that are odd-shaped, long, and large. It features a 3/4 HP induction motor that runs at 3600 rpm that can take on almost any type of project.

With dual exhaust ports in the rear of the machine, dust and debris is conveniently removed from your work area. You also get a 12 ½ inch distance between wheels so you can use it on large and long projects.

It also includes a 60 and 36 grit wheel, eye shields, tools rests, spark deflector, and a Dewalt 3-year limited warranty.


  • Smooth and quiet operations
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • Includes eye shields and tool rests


  • Instructions aren’t very good
  • Wheels wobble and need adjustment

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best bench grinder for sharpening

The 6-inch Grizzly G9717 has a1/3 HP motor that gives you 3450 rpm. You get a fast startup with a smooth performance that can be used for long periods of time.

The dual-purpose design allows you to use either ½’ wheels or ¾’ wheels, plus it comes with oversized safety shields protecting your eyes from sparks and debris.

This very affordable bench grinder can use either an optional stand or it can be mounted to a workbench.

Great for home or DIY projects, the Grizzly G9717 can be used for shaping, grinding, or basic sharpening.

You also get two 6″ aluminum oxide grinding wheels including a 60 grit and a 30 grit wheel as well as tool rests and an on and off switch that is easy to use.


  • Affordable with a great build quality
  • Lightweight with quiet and smooth operation
  • Can run cool and fast for long periods of time


  • Only has a 1 year warranty
  • Wheels sometimes wobble requiring adjustments

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best bench grinder for the money

Including both coarse and medium wheels, so you can work on a wide range of materials, the SKIL 3380-01 Bench Grinder features a 2.1-amp motor that gives you 3,450 rpm for improved power.

You also get tool rests that are adjustable holding your tools right where you need them as you work.

The base made of cast-iron making it durable and safe to help increase the grinders lifespan.

Included rubber feet help to absorb vibrations and noise while eye shield help to increase user safety.

The SKIL also comes with LED work lights that are located over both wheels giving you more illumination over your work area for better accuracy and safety.



  • Comes with two work lights instead of just one in the middle
  • Includes two grits wheels
  • Quiet and durable tool with a 2.1-amp motor


  • Heavier than some of its competitors
  • With extended use, it can become backloaded

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8" variable speed bench grinder

If you are looking for a heavy-duty bench grinder, the 8-inch JET 577102 is perfect for industrial applications. With a variety of features, it’s the perfect choice when you need a strong and powerful tool.

Equipped with 8-inch wheels, you won’t have to deal with the problems you get when you are grinding a large item.

Weighing only 25 kg, this lightweight bench grinder has a 1 HP motor that can take on those heavy-duty projects easily. The adjustable tool rests help to increase the safety of the tool and the user giving you a precise and consistent workstation.

There are also cast-iron guards and clear eye shields on each wheel plus a dust vent in the rear that gets rid of debris as you work.

It also features pre-lubricated and sealed ball bearings that help to increase the life of this bench grinder. other features include a rubber mount that lessens vibrations and a heavy-duty guarded toggle switch.


  • Powerful grinder thanks to large sized wheels
  • Tool rests are adjustable
  • Includes large eye shields for increase safety


  • Wheels tend to wobble

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best variable speed bench grinder

The 8-inch Metabo DS 200 Bench Grinder features a robust single-phase motor and aggressive construction.

This is a comfortable to use grinder that is perfect for heavy-duty grinding projects and includes both a coarse and medium grinding wheel. With a smooth performance, this bench grinder maybe small but it does the job well.

Featuring a 3570-rpm motor, the Metabo DS 200 has a one-inch Arbor and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance like many of its competitors due to the reduced vibrations and sound from its heavyweight.

It also features easy wheel changes thanks to a bayonet lock and each wheel stays in position thanks to their aluminum die-cast construction. Other features include high-quality bearings, and easy to see power buttons.


  • Includes wheel covers made of aluminum
  • Can take on heavy-duty jobs and won’t overheat
  • Smooth performance with low noise and vibration


  • A little on the pricey side
  • Does not have a cooling system

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best bench grinder for sharpening chisels

Equipped with tool rests and tons of features, the Craft 9-21154 is a 6-inch bench grinder with a sturdy design.

It includes a water cooling tray that is convenient when you are sharpening tools and wheel guards that can be changed quickly. Variable speed control allows you to adjust between 2000 and 3400 rpm allowing you to work on many different grinding projects.

The Craft features a 1/5 HP motor and a 6-inch adjustable grinding center.

A thin-line motor housing guarantees easier grinding of long materials while an oversized cast iron base boasts of durability and stability.

Other features include oversized spark guards, a wheel dressing tool, and a convenient work light.



  • You can clean abrasive wheels with the wheel dress
  • Quiet, versatile, and smooth operation
  • Comes with clear eye shield and a water cooling tray


  • Too small if you are sharpening larger tools
  • The motor is only 1/5 HP

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what is a bench grinder good for

With incredible power, the Dewalt DW756 can be used in your workshop or projects around the house.

Featuring a 5/8 HP motor, this 6-inch bench grinder run smoothly and quietly when you apply pressure.

This is a sturdy and high-quality wheel that includes a durable base made of cast-iron and is easy to maintain and clean and comes with a three-year limited warranty.

Featuring dual 6-inch grinding wheels, the Dewalt DW756 has a powerful induction motor runs at 2,400 rpm and has 12.5” of distance between the dual wheels so you grind larger and longer projects without any problem.

And when you need to fasten your work, you have aluminum tool rests that work as focal points. This is an affordable grinder that is also compatible with accessories that you can purchase separately.


  • Reliable and powerful
  • Comes with tool rests and eye shields
  • Smooth and quiet operation


  • The instruction manual isn’t very helpful

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In Closing

Bench grinders are a handy tool to have on hand when you need to sharpen or smooth materials for a project. If you have a workshop full of tools, you know how useful having a bench grinder is to keep all those tools sharp. Make sure to do your research and find the best bench grinder that has all the right features for your projects.