Top 7 Best Scroll Saws: Which Will You Pick?

best scroll saw under 200There are so many scroll saws on the market and many of them share the same features. This makes it a huge challenge when it comes to finding the saw that will work best for you.

Each scroll saw has something slightly different that it brings to the table.

It’s the bonus features which make a saw stand out from the rest, because these added features are what can take your sawing experience from slow and frustrating to quick and painless.

With so many different choices, how can you choose the best scroll saw of them all? Everyone who works with a scroll saw has slightly different needs.

Choosing the best scroll saw really boils down to which one will work best for you and your individual needs.

With this in mind, we have put together this top seven list so that you can check out some of the leading saws in the market and what type of features they offer that will make your next woodworking project a fantastic one!

This list contains the top best selling scroll saws on the market and offers you an overview of what makes each saw different.

7 Of The Best Scroll Saws On The Market


7. The Craftsman 16-Inch Variable Scroll Saw

Best Scroll Saws 2020When you think of a tool, you likely think of a Craftsman tool, because this brand is known for setting standards.

This saw’s features don’t necessarily offer anything special, but it is everything that a scroll saw should be.

If you want to get the job done without the hassle of worrying about getting fancy, this is the saw you need.

This scroll saw by Craftsman is quite powerful.

It features a 60 Hz motor and has the ability to cut through soft and hardwoods, along with soft metal and plastic.

It has a cast iron tilting table, capable of making up to 45-degree bevel cuts.

This saw also offers a dust blower, dust extraction vacuum port, and built-in blade storage.

It’s a very nice saw for its price, is well made, and large in size.

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6. Delta Power Tools 40-694 Scroll Saw

Scroll Saws reviews 2019Delta has really delivered with this saw.

Not only does it provide everything that a scroll saw should, but Delta has also taken things a step further by adding some truly unique special features, designed with an every-day woodworker in mind.

Delta brings more than 90 years of woodworking experience and designs their saws with innovative features for easier and more precise cutting.

The innovative features of this particular saw are its vibration reducing arm design, and the ability of the upper arm to lift and lock into a raised position for easy-access blade changing.

The saw makes intricate projects frustration-free, is similar to the DeWALT 788 (mentioned above), and can be set-up and ready to use in around 15 minutes.

If you love features that make your cutting experience easier, this innovative scroll saw is your best bet.

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5. The King Industrial 30-Inch Scroll Saw

If you want a very high quality saw without worrying about the frills, this saw is sure to have you covered. This scroll saw is the fifth best selling scroll saw on Amazon.

It features a 30-inch throat, 2-inch maximum cutting depth, and variable speeds. The design of this saw has stood the test of time. It’s a very stable saw, thanks to its solid platform.

One innovative feature of this saw is that it can make angled cuts without the table having to be titled.

This mechanism offers a safer and easier way to make angled cuts. This saw is also offers easy blade changing with no tools needed.

It has a great design and that its large size is ideal for heavy production, which makes it a game changer!

This saw is perfect for you if you want the added benefits of advanced features, but the ease of use of a more basic scroll saw.

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4. DeWALT DW788 Scroll Saw

DeWALT is obviously a trusted brand of tools, and therefore, we expect a reliable, capable, and very solid scroll saw from this company.

The fourth best selling scroll saw on Amazon is the DW788 scroll saw by DeWALT.

It features a uniquely designed arm that ensures accurate cutting, variable-speeds, tool-free blade changing capabilities, and an adjustable table.

The best part about this saw is the arm, which is designed with a double parallel linking mechanism which significantly reduces vibration and allows for highly accurate cutting.

This saw also offers a dust blower and a large cast-iron table that can bevel at 45 degrees in both directions.

It offers extremely easy blade changing, is very quiet and sturdy, and is an all-around awesome saw no matter what level of experience you have.

This is the perfect saw for you if you have difficulty managing the strong vibrations and loud noises that accompany the use of most other scroll saws.

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3. Rockwell RK7323 Blade Runner X2

dremel scroll saw A bit higher in price than the other saws on this list, this saw is also one of the highest quality saws presented here, and definitely one of the more higher quality saws that you can find within a more affordable price range.

This tabletop scroll saw is portable and easy to set-up.

It can cut through wood, tile, metal, and plastic. Its lightweight makes it easy to carry at just 15 lbs! When looking for the best scroll saw blades are a high priority.

Using this saw, blades can be changed in as little as three seconds, and the saw will accept any 4-inch t-shank jigsaw blade.

This saw also offers a sawdust vacuum port, miter gauge, and a steel rip fence.

It’s very versatile and can perform a wide range of cuts to perfection.

This saw is most suitable for DIYers and works better on thinner pieces of wood.

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2. Dremel MS20-01 Moto Saw Compact Scroll Saw

delta scroll sawThe Dremel M220-01 MotoSaw ranks as one of the leading scroll saws out there due to its incredibly innovative design which gives is a dual function.

It has the ability to cut through a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, plastic and laminate.

The saw is uniquely designed due to its dual functions: 

The saw can be used a standard scroll saw, or can be removed from the platform and used as a hand held saw.

This saw is also offers an auto-tensioning mechanism which ensures faster blade changes, and a clamping base suitable for a wide range of table surfaces.

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While this saw is missing a fence/miter gauge, this accessory can be purchased from Dremel. This saw works best on smaller, craft-sized projects.

Many customers have reported that pine is the best wood for scroll saw cutting using this tool, and other softer woods also work well on this machine.

This saw is ideal for any woodworker who is looking for versatility in a tool that will allow them to use one tool for multiple types of projects.



1. WEN 3920 Scroll Saw

best scroll saw under 200The WEN 3920 scroll saw is perhaps the best scroll saw around, due to its long list of accessorized features and flexible capabilities.

It features a 16-inch table that tilts up to 45 degrees, can handle blades with and without pins, a cast iron base to ensure sturdiness, an air pump to remove sawdust, an LED flex-light, built-in blade storage, and a foot-lock clamp which ensures stability during the cutting process.

This saw also offers some interesting innovative features, such as the ability to cut in two directions, which allows you to make very intricate cuts.

Its an impressive product, affordably priced, easy to use, and will suit the needs of any hobbyist woodcrafter.

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That rounds out our top seven list for the best scroll saws. While there are endless scroll saws to choose from, there are slight variations in each saw which can significantly alter the user’s experience.

We hope this list helped to narrow down the selection process to most preferred saws among woodworkers like you and explained some of the key features of each so that you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Did you enjoy reading this list of the best scroll saws? Did this list help you find the best scroll saw? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and if you liked this article please share it with the other woodworkers in your life!