What Home Improvement Adds the Most Value to Your House?

Most people would want to improve their current house by doing a little bit of renovation. Many homeowners don’t know how or where to begin the renovation because they never set goals.

Before you spend money on a home makeover, decide the purpose of the renovation – is it to make the house look good or for resale?

Housing experts recommend using the latter goal since it gives you value for money.

What Home Improvement Adds the Most Value to Your House

What Home Improvement Adds the Most Value?

According to HGTV, doing some minor renovations on your bathroom yields the highest return. Most home buyers are cautious about where they’ll be taking a bath and want the place to be clean and almost perfect.

Any broken tiles or leaky faucets can scare them off.

On average, changing the tub, a few broken floor tiles, toilet, sink, fixtures, faucet, and vanity will cost you $10,500. The research conducted by HGTV shows that you’ll recoup the entire amount and make a little profit: you regain $10,700.

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Don’t Overspend

Avoid purchasing high-end replacements since they’ll only eat into the recouped amount. Instead, you should go for mid-range fixtures that cost less since most home buyers are on a budget and would rather pay for an affordable house with well done finishing instead of luxurious installations.

Other Ways to Remodel the Bathroom Without Spending A lot

1. When installing a new sink or faucet, use the current water pipe connection to avoid demolition and reconstruction expenses.

2. Install more lighting in the bathroom. Nothing improves the aesthetic appearance of a bathroom than task lighting fixtures. For example, installing lights around the vanity mirrors helps to get rid of image shadows.

3. Increase the storage space. After replacing the toilet and fixtures, you’ll realize that there’s little or no space for storing towels. In that case, you should install vertical storage cabinets around the sink area.

4. If the shower area has a a glass door, you can remove it to create the illusion of space.

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So far we’ve talked about minor bathroom renovation as being the home improvement action that adds the most value to your house. Some key areas that you should consider when doing the renovation includes:

  • Price of fixtures: they shouldn’t be too expensive.
  • Lighting: install them on the task areas such as the sink, shower, and toilet.
  • Storage space: increase by installing more wall cabinets.

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