What are Titanium Drill Bits Used For?

A common question you may find yourself asking is What are titanium drill bits used for? There are many different types of drill bits to be used for many different types of surfaces. It can be difficult to know the most appropriate drill bit for specific projects.


About Titanium Drill Bits

Titanium drill bits are formed by combining titanium nitride as a coating to High Speed Steel drill bits. This results in very high surface hardness that is resistant to corrosiveness.

In comparison to High Speed Steel drill bits, titanium drill bits last about six times longer with much less friction. This can make titanium drill bits the best drill bits for hardened steel.

What are Titanium Drill Bits Used For


What Are Titanium Drill Bits Used For?

Titanium drill bits are perfect when you need to cut through metal and other very hard surfaces. Many use this for stainless steel when boring drills onto soap dispensers or water faucets. This is why most kitchen and bathroom projects work best when there is a titanium drill bit included

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Titanium drill bits have the ability to cut through the surface without also damaging it. Other High Speed Steel drill bits will damage the surface you are working on without actually going down past it.

These abrasive materials can in turn do damage to a typical High Speed Steel drill bit, rendering both objects useless. This is why it is so important for you to understand the difference in each drill bit when drilling holes into multiple types of surfaces.

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Best Place to Buy Drill Bits

Because a titanium drill bit is one that is used for heavy duty surfaces, it is important that you know the best place to buy drill bits as it can make or break the projects that loom ahead. Many of these drill bits can be purchased online like Amazon (that link leads you to their drill bit section ).

If you are new to using titanium drill bits, then a titanium step drill bit is perfect for someone who has never used a titanium drill bit before. It can be used not only on the aforementioned stainless steel surfaces but also on galvanized surfaces as well.

A titanium step drill can also enlarge existing holes if one is simply working on an existing project rather than starting one all over. This is due to its conical shape along with its many cutting edges that come in multiple diameters.

These types of titanium drill bits can be purchased online as well as any hardware or home improvement stores.


Titanium Drill Bit Basics

When using a titanium drill bit over time, it may begin to dull. This isn’t something you’ll have to worry about for a while as it takes titanium much longer than other drill bits to dull, it will eventually occur.

It is important to know that because of its titanium nitride coating they cannot be sharpened.

You should keep in mind that a titanium drill bit without the titanium nitride coating will simply become a High Speed Steel drill bit in return, which can then be used on many other types of material.

It doesn’t become a total loss, it is simply something to keep in mind when using titanium drill bits.

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Types of Titanium Drill Bits

Other titanium drill bits include titanium carbonitride and titanium aluminum nitride. Titanium carbonitride drill bits work best for surfaces such as aluminum, cast iron, and stainless steel. It is important you know what type of titanium drill bit you are using.

A titanium aluminum nitride cannot be used for aluminum, but can be used for high-alloy carbon steels, titanium, and nickel-based kinds of materials. When in doubt, it is smart to pay attention to what the drill bit looks like.

The titanium nitride drill bit is gold in color whereas the titanium carbonitride is more of a blue gray. And finally, the titanium aluminum nitride comes in a violet color.

In getting to know each of these types of drill bits you will then know each of their strengths and weaknesses when deciding which would be best to use for any of your upcoming projects.


Cobalt VS Titanium

Many times, cobalt drill bits will be compared against titanium drill bits for certain projects. It is crucial that you know the difference between the two in order to make an informed decision. Titanium drill bits typically have a higher hardness level when compared to cobalt drill bits.

Something to keep in mind is that titanium drill bits cannot be sharpened without removing the titanium nitride they are coated in. This causes them to lose their hardness. However, they tend to last quite a long time without the need to be sharpened.

It is still worth considering a cobalt drill should if you find yourself needing a drill bit to go through especially hard surfaces over and over again.

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Titanium Drill Bit Basics 2019


Safety in Using Drill Bits

There are a few basics that must be known in order to best use a titanium drill bit as safely and effectively as possible. When drilling through metal it is important to remember to never hold onto it with your other hand.

Use clamps to prevent serious injury when using titanium drill bits. Also, it is imperative to start with a smaller hole than what is actually needed. This will help in accuracy as well as in safety. And most importantly, always remember to go slowly.

There is no rush when drilling through metal. This is especially true when one is new to drilling through especially abrasive surfaces. Most of these things can be very easily done with a titanium step drill bit.

The downside to these specific types of drill bits is they typically cost a little more. However, many feel this is worth the extra money as it makes the job much easier and safer in the long run.

When there is a project that calls for especially hard or abrasive surfaces to be drilled through, then a titanium drill bit should be what you go for. These titanium nitride covered drill bits can help to make any project at home or at work go by much smoother and easier. Still have questions? Feel free to comment!