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Top 5: Best Cordless Tool Kit Combo Reviews

Whats the Best Cordless Tool Kit Combo? Well, this article will point you in the right direction of choosing the best cordless power tool set you can find on the market. Choosing the best cordless tool kit combo can get tedious but don’t rack your brain over it. You’ve noticed by now that many cordless tool kits […]


Best Cordless Drill Under 100 Bucks: Fix it on a Budget

You have lots to consider before deciding on your best cordless drill under 100. Here are a few things to consider Drill speed matters and you’ll notice that most reviews and product descriptions have it listed. Simply because, higher speed results in a finer hole being drilled. Drills of 18 or 20V are a safe […]


Whats the Best Lithium ion Cordless Drill?

The Best lithium ion cordless drill for everyday usage: Don’t care for long meandering wires cluttering up your workspace? Cordless drills have been making the life easier for a lot of DIYers for some time now. These amazing machines not only free you from cables but also make it possible to work on locations where […]


Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw Reviews

Buying the Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw for You Reciprocating saws are a favorite among power tool users for good reason. Using them saves time and money because they cut through construction materials quickly. Not only that, they’re fun to use. Cordless recipro saws are a good choice when you need to make a few quick […]


Top 7: Best Cordless Jigsaw Reviews

Whats the Best Cordless Jigsaw For Everyday Usage: Well Jigsaws -particularly, the best battery jigsaw- is an amazingly versatile tool that helps you create curved cuts on a variety of different surfaces. That being said,choosing the best cordless jigsaw can be a tricky affair. If you’re working on a big outdoor project such as building a tree […]


Best Cordless Circular Saw Review: Construction & Carpentry

In this article we highlight the best cordless circular saw, showcase important buying advice, the benefits of getting a cordless vs corded circular saw and more… Over the past decade or more, the power tool industry has greatly refined and increasingly implemented the idea of cordless power tools. These highly versatile and portable tools have […]