Porter Cable vs Milwaukee: Which Brand is Best For You?

When it comes to power tools, you are bound to get confused with multiple brands and features before you.

Indeed, the power tools segment has been at the forefront of innovation for a long time, and most of the confusion boils down to two particular brands…


Porter Cable vs Milwaukee

Lets Start with Porter Cable

porter cable vs milwaukee 2019 


Porter Cable has had an enviable track record for decades. It found fame even before the 1960s, becoming a renowned brand in the field of power tool manufacturers.


It was Porter Cable that pioneered the introduction of the cordless drill back in the 1960s.


This was followed by the improvement of the Ni-Cad rechargeable battery and later the introduction of the Lithium-ion battery in 2005.


Not very long ago, they also launched brushless tools for the very first time.


Their reputable quality of tools faced some flak after its takeover by Rockwell Inc. during the 60s resulting in an apparent downgrading in its product superiority.


This was in direct response to the particularly inexpensive tools that were fast filling up the departmental stores.


Later in the 1980s, Porter Cable witnessed a revival in its fortunes on being acquired by Pentair. Under Pentair, the company yet again began manufacturing professional-grade power tools, and currently, the company is under the possession of Stanley, Black, and Decker.


As of today, Porter Cable can safely be considered to be a desirable alternative amid consumer and professional-level. The prices are affordable, and the quality is also decent although it is behind in comparison to the excellent ones in the industry.


Most of the feedback from users of Porter Cable revolves around their allegiance to the brand and its products. Porter Cable brand reviews on online sites like Amazon bear testimony to the fact that this brand sells and sells well.


For instance, two particular products sold under this brand have excellent reviews, namely the Porter-Cable PCC790BR 20V MAX Lithium-Ion 18 Gauge Brad Nailer (Bare Tool) and PORTER-CABLE PCCK612L2 20V Max 1/2″ Drill/Driver and 5 1/2″ Circular Saw Kit. If you are on the lookout for a compact and lightweight driller, then you may check them out with reputable sellers selling on Amazon.

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As for Milwaukee

Porter Cable vs Milwaukee

Both as a manufacturer and a worldwide marketer, Milwaukee is a leading player in the field of power tools and accessories.


Back in 1918 for the first time, it was Milwaukee that changed the scenario in the area of power tools. In the arena of product development, Milwaukee has been introducing numerous innovative solutions since its establishment.


They are known to have designed some of the most sophisticated power tools till date without any visible compromise on quality.


Also, this particular brand is gaining a lot of popularity of late as more and more HVAC tradespeople are opting for these drills.


There is a reason the Milwaukee is being loved, chiefly its unique ‘hammer drill feature,’ which is supposedly the best in the business. Besides being comfortable to hold, the control features at higher RPMs are firm and the battery life is also superior.


To experience the best of the lot, we most certainly will recommend you try out the Milwaukee 2691-22 18-Volt Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit.


This particular tool is a compact one that brings along 400 inch-pounds of torque. It is lightweight and comes with built-in LED lights and battery gauges. Weighing at four pounds, this power tool is backed by a warranty period of 5 years. It is also accompanied by two compact batteries, a charger and a good quality carrying case.

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Head-to-Head Combat

If you are planning for some severe use and abuse, then its best to go for Milwaukee as no compromise should be made for the long haul. Making an investment in your power tools set will eliminate any chances of being left stranded for want of spares.


However, if it is just a box of tools to equip your residence with, then Porter Cable is undoubtedly the best option there is.


With all the craze around brushless motors, Porter Cable has also launched its own new range of 20V brushless drills. Because brushless motors are known to improve performance spectacularly, they generally come expensive.




Quite surprisingly, Porter Cable’s brushless drills and drivers have been priced so reasonably well, that you will be compelled to choose it over Milwaukee. However, if we talk of performance, Milwaukee’s M18 brushless line are matchless and far ahead of Porter Cable’s brushless range.


A warranty of 3 years on the Lithium-ion battery is default in both the brands.


When it comes to peak RPM, Milwaukee is way ahead at 2700 as compared to Porter Cable’s 1800 only. The result is similar in the case of torque as Milwaukee once again leads.


With rapid advancements in technology and cutting-edge competition, more often than not, professionals are at crossroads when it comes to determining on who has the best cordless tool set.


Porter Cable brand reviews are pretty impressive, but your needs and budget should dictate your choice. Although the features are more now, it can be noticed that there has been an evident fall in the quality of the tools.



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Best Cordless Tool Set 2019

Porter Cable 8-Tool has been a standout performer in 2019. It essentially consolidates the primary components of a carpenter’s tools into one convenient package.


In addition to the usual tools, it also contains a jigsaw with three orbital settings; a reciprocating tiger saw that is suitable for a general contractor.


It is not always the brand that counts. Sometimes its all about the features you are looking for. However, as is clear from the discussion above, if it’s a high-performance toolkit that you are looking for without a limit on the budget, then you can get yourself a very reliable cordless power tool from Milwaukee.


The brand is synonymous with unique quality, and its tools can stand a lot of abuse. In the case of Porter Cable, it’s more about affordability and reliability within a restricted range.


Not to undermine its constant progress in keeping with the market demands, this particular brand is more suitable for household usage.

To sum it up once again for you, here is a checklist:

  • Decide the range of your work
  • Advanced users with no economic restrictions and expecting heavy use, would be more comfortable with Milwaukee
  • If it is household use and affordability, then Porter Cable rocks
  • Taking into consideration other factors as discussed, the end-game assessment is with the user.


We hope to have helped settle the ‘Porter Cable vs Milwaukee’ question as to which would be better for you. If you still have any questions, feel free to comment on the section below, and we will be more than happy to revert!