Top 7 Best Palm Nailer Reviews: Which Will You Pick?

Hammer Time: In The Palm Of Your Hand!

You’ve been there before: a huge do-it-yourself project turned out harder than you expected and there’s still thousands of nails to hammer into place.

Technology has come a long way for DIY enthusiasts like us, but few tools have helped make our jobs more comfortable and smooth than the electric palm nailer.

Fitting just in the palm of your hand as the name implies, I’ve personally used these devices before and to great effect.

Through the power of compressed air, hammering in nails has never been easier—so now let’s discover the best palm nailer out there (make sure to also check out #8- the honorable mention).


7 Best Palm Nailer Reviews


1. Powernail PowerPalm Floor Nailer

Best Palm NailerThe name says it all—the Powernail PowerPalm Floor Nailer is the premier device of its kind on the market

Expense, however, comes with the absolute best quality and precision.

Both 18 and 16 gauge cleat-nails can be utilized with these powerful tool.

Specifically designed for nailing jobs that require the installation of floor panels, such as those made of wood, its ergonomic shape will fit comfortably in your hand.

As is the norm with palm nailers, air pressure is the driving force that exerts nails into whatever material you’re hammering into.

The PowerPalm also includes a unique angled tip that helps magnetically grip cleat-nails. Rotation features allow for further customization for the most precise jobs.

Other configuration accommodate various cleat-nails, including L and T shaped versions.

Top nail is almost entirely eliminated thanks to the structural design. This will help ensure that floor wooding stays level and consistent across broad surfaces.

The ability to tackle nearly every job no matter the conditions is part of why the PowerPalm maintain such a great reputation.

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2. Senco PC1195 Mini Palm Nailer

Best Palm Nailer 2019Stay strong yet light with the Senco PC1195. One of the best perks about palm nailers is their functionality over traditional nail guns.

Typically being lighter and more compact, they’re incredible versatile—but the PC1195 takes it to a whole new level.

Compared to most others on the market, this model is 50% lighter than the competition. The result is an even more fluid feeling with fewer hand cramps and stress. Weighing in at about 1 pound, it’s about a light as it gets.

Despite its size, the PC1195 packs a powerful punch that will have you moving swiftly throughout the project.

Another consideration is the use of a magnetic nose that helps ensure accuracy throughout even the most demanding tasks.

The magnetic attached to the nosepiece helps hold nails in place, preventing drops and slip-offs.

One thing you can expect after using this model is a big save in time. One of that major advantages of palm nailers over other similar tools is their ease of use—but the PC1195’s lightweight structure will save you time and energy

A variety of DIY needs can be fulfilled with this compact tool, including hurricane straps, decks, fencing, and much more. Maintaining an operating pressure gauge of around 60psi up to 110, you might be surprised by how much force is in here.

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3. Bostitch PN50 Mini Impact Nailer

Palm Nailer reviews The Bostitch PN50 Mini provides one of the smoothest DIY experiences out there. This is due to two key design protocols: compact structure and vibration-reduction technology.

As smooth as any traditional palm nailer might feel in comparison to using something as crude as a hammer, Bostitch’s tiny tool is unlike most others on the market.

Its 1 pound weight is impressive enough, though it’s the use of a rubber grip insulator that truly makes the difference.

Every time a nail is ejected, best palm nailer will create a jolting sensation in your hand. This is common and expected, though after a few hours you might start to feel it in your hand—I sure have.


The incredible consideration in the PN50 is the inclusion of a rubber grip that dramatically reduces the amount of vibrations—eliminating hand soreness and strain compared to most others

Accessibility is another key feature in the model, something attained through its incredible 360° fitting. This attachment can swivel and pivot along a full circular path, creating great conditions for ergonomic use.

Sometimes, it is the subtle details that make all of the difference. That is certainly the case here—which makes sense given how compact this little device truly is. The inclusion of an exhaust vent that points away from you as you use it will mean less heat and annoyances during use.

These tiny differences are what separate the PN50 from so many of the other great competitors out there.

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4. Hitachi NH90AB Palm Nailer

Best Palm NailerIf you’ve ever spent enough time using palm nailers, there’s two things that might give you nightmares: joist hangers and those dreaded metal connectors.

Add to those a very tight working space and it could be a massive headache.

Thankfully, though, the designers at Hitachi have created the NH90AB, a stunning and affordable palm nailer that works with much great ease and functionality, especially under tight conditions.

Naturally, it comes with a 360° swivel feature so that nailing is ergonomic and natural to whatever situation you’re in. This is especially true when working on different surfaces that could pose unique challenges.

The most common examples are vertical surfaces, which could require reaching high up while nailing. Being able to maneuver the device at any angle is an incredible benefit.

The inclusion of a magnetic tip is also a great feature to keep the device secure while nailing. Any objects falling off or loosening can be a major hindrance, which is why the NH90AB maintains such comfort.

As I’ve learned over the years, it’s usually the tiniest little annoyances that compile over time to create the most stress.

Another great feature is the outward-facing exhaust fan. You may have experienced palm nailers that blow the device’s heat right into your face while working. Handling DYI projects is already hard enough with the outdoor heat—no need to have your tools creating more strain.

Two key nail fittings are compatible with Hitachi’s model: 2 ½” and 3 ½”.

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5. Freeman PMPN Mini-Palm Nailer

best palm nailer for framingAffordability meets quality with the Freeman PMPN—a palm nailer that packs a punch without sacrificing durability and comfort. Expect super-quality parts that last over extended periods of time and use.

The internal parts are designed to be durable and sustain even the most demanding jobs.

The body of this Freeman palm nailer is one of the more comfortable on the market. A black top-base serves as a firm yet fitting source for your palm.

A simple push-action motion is all it takes to eject nails swiftly into whatever surface you’re working on.

Although the product is not one of the more lightweight ones on the market, it competes well with a weight of under 2 pounds. This is still fairly light and will allow for extended periods of use without becoming too cumbersome .

You’ll enjoy the inclusion of extra parts and accessories like wrenches and oil, ensuring that you have everything you need to get to work right out of the box.

Variety is also a strong point for this Freeman nailer—a feature that helps make it one of the best palm nailer types out there. Nails accommodated include the 6d ranging all the way to 16d, as well as lengths of up to 3 ½”.

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6. Grip-Rite Roofing Mini Palm Air Nailer

best palm nailer for joist hangersThere are a variety of different nailing jobs—you could find yourself in the basement reattaching steps on a staircase or in your kitchen assembling new cabinets.

One of the most challenging jobs, however, involve nailing on rooftops, which is why the Grip-Rite Roofing Mini Palm Air Nailer is so helpful.

Unlike many other electric palm nailer models on the market, Grip-Right’s focuses extensively on ergonomic design.

Rooftop nailing is already so much more cumbersome because of the added vigilance of working from extended heights—as well as exposure to direct element like sunlight.

Grip-Rite can hopefully eliminate some of the demands by providing an ultra-light models along with great ergonomic design.

The fitting in your palm is ideal thanks to its curved corners, rounded to fit your palm.

Staying lightweight is also a great benefit and its magnetic tip help secure nails in place. The tool weights no more than 11.2 ounces, making it one of the more versatile products, comparatively.

There are a number of different jobs that can be accommodated, but one of the most common for the Grip-Rite is the nailing of roof shingles. Further considerations should include its power—what good is a compact and ergonomic tool that cannot get the job done?

Instead, this model is backed by powerful compress air that eject targeted nails in precise locations—exactly where you need them and nowhere else.

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7. 3PLUS Mini Palm Nailer

best cordless palm nailerOne of the most affordable, while still receiving some of the best palm nailer reviews, is this tool from 3PLUS.

A low price in this case does not mean low quality: sturdy parts and a durable design ensure that you won’t be requesting a refund any time soon.

Surprisingly, even with all of its durability, it is quite lightweight. This is thanks to the use of die-casting surfaces, which are derived from an aluminum base.

The result is a sturdy yet fluid device that won’t leave your palms or your back sore.

Adaptability to a wide variety of nail sizes helps makes this one of the more versatile products on the market. Add to this its use of a thinner nail driver, which allows it to reach very thin, hard-to-reach areas.

A number of nails can be used, including lengths up to 4 inches. Versatility is one feature that certain was not overlooked in the making of this machine.

Conversely, if your goal is to input a mass number of nails with little consideration for space or accuracy, then this little device can handle a large payload. The low price tag does not mean it fails to meet DIY demands.

It can excel in ways that some other products cannot. This certainly explains why it attracts some of the best palm nailer reviews from customers

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Top Rated Palm Nailer Honorable Mention: HDX Mini Palm Nailer


I’ve spent years struggling with a number of palm nailers. The trial and error has led me through many different brands—including air nail guns in general. However, palm nailers are undeniable the most ergonomic and effective devices to use.

Did you enjoy this list of palm nailers? Let us know what you think in the comments. We’ve all had some interesting DIY experiences, and maybe you know a thing or two about palm nailers that could help others.

Be sure to share this article if you found it helpful—there might be others out there who need the guidance!