Milwaukee vs DeWalt: Which Brand Has The Best Tools?

Picking power tools always requires you to purchase the best brands possible.

Picking a third-rate brand for power tools isn’t always recommended due to its lack of warranty, or its duration, along with the low-quality materials used to create the tool.

If you have the right budget to purchase top notch brands, then go and do so, that the only way to guarantee having a quality product.

We are here to help you choose between two top notch brands: Milwaukee vs DeWalt

You have to pick the best among the best when it comes to the right power tool brand. 

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Milwaukee vs DeWaltMilwaukee vs DeWalt


Milwaukee vs DeWalt: The Long History Of The Two

What we are going to compare in this power tool article is Milwaukee vs DeWalt. These two brands are extremely popular across local and online stores due to their years in service as the top power tool providers of all time. Here’s a brief look at the two brand’s history in the industry:


DeWalt was founded by Raymond DeWalt in 1924 in Pennsylvania. He patented and invented the very first radial arm saw when he started his company.

This tool revolutionized the way people cut raw lumber back in the days. Some even considered it as the “DeWalt Wonder Worker”.

The company eventually got sold in 1949 by the AMF, and to Black and Decker in 1960.

They still own the original name due to its fame and even improved its services by providing the very first cordless power tools in the early-90s.

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Milwaukee Electric Tool Company

Milwaukee started in the same year in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This was founded as A.F. Seibert purchased a power drill’s manufacturing rights. From the “Hole-Shooter”, it eventually became a remarkable brand in the history of power tools: Milwaukee Electric Tool Company.

The company was able to release a number of power drills, hammer drills, a hand grinder and electric sanders.

It was eventually sold to Amstar Corporation 51 years after its foundation and then sold to numerous personalities and businesses until it went to Techtronic in 2005 up to this present day.

The familiarization with the two company’s history can already give you an insight from a business analyst’s perspective in observing which of the two brands is the number one in the whole power tools market.


milwaukee vs dewalt 2019

The Milwaukee vs DeWalt Comparison

In order to specifically identify which one is the best, we will compare Milwaukee vs DeWalt based on certain factors that define the company’s products and services as a brand and a business. Here are the following:

Innovative Methods

When it comes to power tools, innovation is always the best way to compare one brand to the other. DeWalt appears to be on top of this as it was able to launch innovative products ever since its humble beginnings.

The product was able to release a cordless version of the power tools as well.

Nowadays, it also integrated Bluetooth technology to provide customization over the operation of your DeWalt power tools.

On the other hand, Milwaukee was able to do its own version of innovation during its founding days.

It doesn’t provide too much enthusiasm like what DeWalt can provide when coming up with ideas. If there’s an innovative solution that Milwaukee has as of now, it’s probably its efficient angle grinder.

Gladly, Milwaukee appears to be blending in well with the market thanks to the quality of products that it provides.

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Drill Quality

When it comes to apparatuses needed for drilling holes on the wall, you have to be very careful when choosing one.

Milwaukee is known to have a very good range of drill models that work for any type of task that you need to do for construction or any form of hobby.

They are meant to be heavier models as well.


they still do a great job in performing drilling tasks when needed be.

On the other hand, DeWalt has a drill that is more on the lightweight side to ensure that efficiency over its usage will be guaranteed. This makes drilling less tiring for you to perform tasks quicker.

DeWalt is also known to be handier than beginners, unlike Milwaukee which focuses more on experienced and advanced workers when operating tools.

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A Quick Comparison Between Its Finest Drills

There is a notable comparison over the web when it comes to their products, the DeWalt 20V and the Milwaukee M18 are known to be the finest power drills of the two competitors.

DeWalt vs Milwaukee 2018For a quicker overview, the DeWalt 20V is known to have batteries that offer maximum power and quicker drilling performance. This provides enough power in order to get several materials or sections drilled.

Take note that the Milwaukee M18 is known to have brushless motors and powerful battery packs.

It also has the special Redlink Plus Intelligence. All these features are present in just an 18V power drill.

This is quite a good boost in providing even more accuracy and power to get the task done in just a smaller power output.

Saw Quality

The quality of the product’s power saws should always be observed.

Knowing DeWalt’s history, it must be considered that DeWalt is the best when it comes to saws.

DeWalt appears to have several types of saw models. It has the best cutting accuracy that keeps on improving over the years.

It also has upgrades that meet the standards of modern construction and woodworks.

There are cordless jigsaws, Table saws with high efficiency and rotation, and a portable version of it as well. It also has an innovative type such as the scroll saw, and tougher models for special purposes like the tile saws.

Sadly, Milwaukee is known to have only a few picks when it comes to saws. But they also provided cordless innovation through its own brand of cordless jigsaws.

It’s one of the finest products in the company and provides a clean accuracy for cutting. It also has a design that’s ergonomic for every owner and has a lower price than the models of DeWalt.


Both brands offer a wide range of warranties. It depends on the type of products that you wish to purchase.

Most of the time, you have to take note that Milwaukee is known to have a longer warranty as it provides a toolkit that consists of a 5-year warranty.

It’s one of the main reasons why there are a lot of buyers in Milwaukee even if DeWalt is proven to have a lot of buyers.

The warranty is a huge win for Milwaukee as it’s what most people are looking for in order to save money since DeWalt only has 3 years worth of warranty on most of its products.

The Verdict

To conclude the difference between Milwaukee vs DeWalt, most say that DeWalt is still the classic and unbeaten provider of the finest power tools in the market.

It seems that Milwaukee is more on the cost-efficient advantages that it provides. That’s why Milwaukee can be treated as the best for those who wish to get a power tool on a budget.

If maximum performance is needed, while the budget is not a problem, it’s DeWalt that’s worth purchasing in your nearby hardware store. So be sure to check your budget well before choosing which one is the best.