Makita Vs DeWalt: Which Brand Has The Better DIY Tools?

Makita vs Dewalt 2019

Have you ever browsed for DIY tools and got lost in the vast number of choices? With so many brands out there, you want to make sure you invest in the right product.


A durable and high-quality tool is what you need whether you work in the construction industry or frequently involve yourself in DIY projects.


Some brands though tend to stay at the top of the pack, and these include Makita and DeWalt. As you take a look at DIY tools, especially online, you will notice how these two brands are always tested against each other.

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Which One Is The True Better Brand When It Comes to DIY Tools?

When it comes to Makita vs Dewalt, both brands have tried to outdo each other – and other brands in the market – for years. They both have their own set of power tools, ranging from cordless to corded.


When we have a DIY project though, most of us want the easy-to-use ones, so cordless items are a better choice.


Cordless tools are versatile and practice, which makes them ideal for DIYs and routine trade work. Makita and DeWalt have been among the top brands in power tools.


When deciding between the two, some considerations to take are the battery, motor power, accessories, and reputation of the brand.


Makita and DeWalt are great brands in their own right. Each of them has great power tools that you can use for your DIY project.

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Best Makita Power Tools

Here are two of the best power tools from Makita:

1. Makita XT269M 18V LXT Cordless Drill

Makita vs Dewalt 2019


This power tool features 18-volt lithium ion battery. It is cordless so that you can take it at any job site without a hassle. It is a brushless combo kit that is electronically controlled and has an efficient battery that is proven to last 50% longer than other batteries.

2. Makita XPH012 18V LXT Hammer Driver Drill Kit

Makita vs Dewalt reddit

The XPH012 from Makita is another one of their best cordless drills that comes with 18 volts of Lithium-ion battery. It has a half an inch hammer driver drill-kit and uses only one battery.


It is a great tool for DIY projects because it is durable and lightweight.


The package contains a battery, a storage case and carrying case, and the drill itself. Users are given three years of warranty for this ergonomic, compact drill that delivers a shocking pressure of up to 480 pounds. Here is another Makita LXT review

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Best DeWalt Power Tools

For DeWalt, here are two of their top power tools:

1. DeWalt DCD790 20V MAX XR Cordless Compact Driver

Makita vs Dewalt 2019

2. DeWalt DCD790 20V MAX XR Cordless Compact Driver

This is a combo kit that comes with a brushless motor that is about 57% more efficient than models with a brush. It uses XR Li-ion batteries that have a fuel gauge and provides more capacities than other standard packages.

This power tool also has LED lights to give increased visibility when used in confined or dark places, which is quite handy for do-it-yourself tasks.

3. DeWalt DWS780 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw

Makita vs Dewalt 18v

One of the essential power tools that you should have in your DIY toolkit is a miter saw, and DeWalt has one of the best in the market. This sliding compound miter saw has a 12-inch double bevel that makes cutting bevels quickly because there is no need to flip the workpiece.

Sliding compound miter saws are often preferred for DIY projects because the sliding function allows for cutting larger pieces of wood easier than traditional miter saws. This DeWalt power tool delivers as it is effortless to use, precise, and is durable as well.

As you can see, these two brands have their own best sets of power tools. Both are respectable and have high-quality products. When it comes to which is better between these two, there are still many factors to consider.


Often, DeWalt is preferred by those who are looking for a power tool with high torque usage, such as for drilling bigger holes. Unfortunately, many do-it-yourself enthusiasts regard DeWalt products as overpriced though they are still of good quality.

However, if you are looking for tools that are every bit as worthy yet come with a cheaper price tag, Makita seems to be an excellent choice. The brand has an extensive 18v range, but the products are quite reliable in many cases.

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Which Brand Has the Best Cordless Impact Driver?

For every DIYer, owning an impact driver is very useful. Although not everyone uses this tool as they mostly prefer cordless drills, the torque and the driving power of impact drivers make them quite desirable.


Both Makita and DeWalt have high-quality impact drivers, but many reviewers, critics, and users favor Makita’s LXDT06, the brushless 18v cordless impact driver.


This tool offers a lot of power and torque without feeling heavy. It is compact and only weighs 2.3 pounds.

Makita or Dewalt


One of the best qualities of this tool is that it feels as if it improves in responsiveness the more you use the trigger. It also has an equally remarkable quick-shift mode.


This Makita cordless impact driver comes with three-speed settings that can easily be adjusted according to your needs. Whether you have a tough or a small job to do, you can quickly change the power.


Additionally, the three-speed settings can allow the user to start with a high speed, which can be reduced when a certain point is reached – thanks to the auto-shift mode technology of this power tool.


Runner-up is the DeWalt Impact Driver 20v Max. What makes Makita better than this tool is that it does not come with a speed adjustment setting. Some people would have a regular drill with them whenever they use this DeWalt product on their DIY project.

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Makita or Dewalt

However, it does not mean that this impact driver is inferior. It is also so powerful but is very lightweight. Another great feature is that its battery lasts for a very long time – although you have to buy the battery unless you go for the kit version of this tool.


Compared to both DeWalt and Makita, there is another brand that keeps cropping up when it comes to the best impact driver in the market: The Milwaukee M18 Fuel. This tool, just like with the Makita impact driver, has a multiple speed setting.


It allows you to modify the speed torque, which is particularly useful if you are working on a smaller DIY job. You can later readjust the setting if you want more force and power, which can help you with tougher projects.

This particular driver is built with LED fuel gauge so that the user will know how much power is left. It has a peak torque of 1,600 inches per pound and uses a Lithium-ion battery cell type to make sure it will stay with you all throughout the day as you perform your job.


Along with Bosch (another famous player in the power tool world), you can see these three brands in action in this YouTube video where it shows how they perform. The comparison was made against the battery life, weight, and overall efficiency of the tools.


In the end, it was a tough decision for the testers, although they did go for Milwaukee. Makita surprised them though as the tool had such power for something that is small. As for the DeWalt impact driver, it also performed quite well and offered the best value of all the tools.

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DeWalt vs Makita vs Bosch (Video)

Makita vs Dewalt: Which Brand Has The Better Reputation?

When it comes to the reputation of these two brands, they are both highly regarded by DIYers as well as professionals in the construction industry.


For DeWalt, although some of their products are considered expensive, they have stepped up to the plate recently. Some tools are average, while there are some that have hit home runs.

For quite some time, it seemed like the brand only wanted to broaden their product selection, particularly with their 20V Max series. However, something has changed within them as they are now looking to push things further.


One of the best things to expect from DeWalt is their FlexVolt platform, which offers a lot of firsts. Consumers are happy with the changes, and they should continue to stay on the path of pushing their boundaries.


On the other hand, Makita has some comprehensive selection of products. They provide a steady stream of improvements, including the 18V fast charging batteries and the revamped platform for the 12V Max. They are also well-received with their pricing, aside from their huge collection of tools.

Unfortunately, they are thought of as slow when it comes to adapting to the trends of the industry. Additionally, there have many products, including their several hammer drills and impact drivers. It is often so confusing which one is better than the other because the differences can be subtle.


For those searching for cordless lines, Makita is a strong competitor in this type of power tool. Users love their high-performing X2 products that come with two 18V battery packs.

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Choosing Your DIY Tools

Both Makita and DeWalt have reliable and powerful tools, although some consumers believe they are a hit and miss. Before you buy any power tool, make sure that you have read about what other users are saying.


You can also seek advice from those who have used both brands.


Consider the battery life in which both Makita vs DeWalt excel at, although the former is commonly the choice of those who want a faster-charging battery pack that lasts longer as well.


DeWalt power tools are lightweight, and their batteries are predicted to have 2,000 charges on their Li-ion range.


You can also check out this product from Milwaukee, which is receiving positive reviews.

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Here is a summary of what you should do to choose the right DIY tool:

  • As much as possible, do not be brand specific. Decide between the tools themselves since there is no company with the best “all” tools.
  • When choosing between sets and individual tools, consider the storage and battery compatibility among others.
  • Look at the warranty before the price of the tool.
  • If you have any questions or you want to share your experience with Makita vs Dewalt, feel free to leave your story in the comment box.

Now that you’ve witnessed the showdown between these two brands, Makita vs DeWalt,  which do you choose?