Corded Vs Cordless Circular Saws: Pros and Cons

Corded Vs Cordless Circular Saws 2020

A major dilemma facing many tool enthusiasts is whether to go for corded or cordless circular saws. Some people prefer corded while others are great fans of cordless saws.


Each model has both pros and cons, and the decision to go for which should be arrived at after a comprehensive review of the two.


Much will depend on how one will use the tools, but it is important to compare cordless circular saw vs corded one so as to help users make an informed decision when buying one.


When comparing corded vs cordless circular saws, it all comes to convenience, speed, power, and budget.

Corded Circular Saw: Pros And Cons


When one buys a corded saw, he or she will not be required to buy replacement tools in the future. Corded saws, unlike cordless ones, do not use batteries. These batteries can get damaged. They will also wear out with time hence forcing users to spend money on replacements.


Corded models have superior cutting power as compared to cordless.


Most corded types have a blades of 7.25 inch while majority of the cordless options come with blades of 6.5 inch. Large blade tips move faster and further from the axis, thereby, producing superior cutting power. They are therefore more suited for tough cutting projects such as steel, masonry and continuous wood cutting.

The saws are also more cost effective. A typical corded saw can cost half the price of a cordless one.

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The cords in these saws can interfere with a project. They can also get damaged or cut in the process, forcing the owner to incur additional costs. When working on very long boards, the cord can be pushed beyond limits damaging the whole profile.

It takes more time to complete a task with the saws. This is so because you will to fiddle around with long power cords.

Corded saws can be quite inconveniencing, especially when they is no power supply nearby. Electricity break downs may also leads to a delay in the project.

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Cordless Circular saws: Pros and cons

Corded Vs Cordless Circular Saws 2019


A major advantage of these saws is their high level of convenience. One is able to carry his or her saw and use it anywhere, whether or not there is electricity supply. With a fully charged battery, or with an extra battery, one can work continuously, in any given condition. Being able to use the machine anywhere makes it a favorite to many contractors.


A cordless saw is also safer as compared to a corded one. By not having to worry a lot about leaving cords on the floor, working is made safer and comfortable. With a corded saw, one can trip on the cord and fail.


Another great advantage of these models is that one can purchase a complete set of multiple tools without breaking the Bank. Most cordless saws come with kits with dozen tools that may include one or two extra batteries.


Cordless saws are also saves a lot of time. This is because you will not have to worry about finding places with power supply. One is not also required to deal with long cords and extensions that requires extensive care.

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Although these cords are highly convenient, they are also associated with some limitations. A major draw back of the saw is that it is run by a battery.


These batteries require you to spend some time charging them. The batteries also get old with time, and will eventually demand for expensive replacements.


Battery powered circular saws are also more expensive than their corded counterparts. In addition to the initial costs, some people who extensively use the saws are required to buy back up batteries.


Cordless saws are not as powerful as corded one. They are even less powerful when the battery is not fully charged. When such a scenario arises, it will take long to complete even simple tasks.

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Another disadvantage of these saws is that they are heavy and bulky. Having an enormous battery attached to the saw adds weight to it. Working with these models will make you tired faster.


When comparing corded vs cordless circular saws, it is important to understand the pros and cons of each. Cordless options tend to have more advantages than corded.


However, it is important to note that some jobs are best suited for corded while others are best for cordless. If your budget allows it, it is advisable to buy both.


When you can’t decide on whether to buy corded vs cordless circular saws, then consider the price. More expensive tools are designed for superior performance. They have better tools and are very durable.

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