Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw Reviews 2020

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Top 10: The Best Tile Cutter Reviews (2020 Edition)

Best Tile Cutter Reviews

Tile Cutter Reviews 2020

When it comes to tiling, it’s important to choose the right tools. One of the primary tools when doing tiling is the tile cutter. It is important to choose the best tile cutter since it makes the difference between doing a great job and an average job.

One advantage of choosing an ideal tile cutter is that it helps you do a professional job; giving your home, bathroom or kitchen a great finish.

Types Of Tile Cutter And How To Choose The Tile Cutter For You

  1. Manual Tile Cutters
  2. Wet Saw Tile Cutter

Manual Tile Cutter:

It is also known as rail cutter, a manual cutter works like a glass cutter in that it has a carbide wheel which is slowly drawn across the tile to make a score once the tile is inserted in the machine. This requires some effort. Once the score is made, a “snapper’ is moved into place.

When you pull on the lever, the snapper compresses the score and the tile snaps in half. You have an option of using a snapper or by breaking off the tile by hand.

It can only cut straight lines; it can’t cut curves or other shapes. It is ideal for smaller jobs and for tasks that don’t require a high level of accuracy or precision. When used to make a straight cut, small irregularities might occur making the cut asymmetrical.

In comparison, a wet tile cutter can make extremely straight lines.It is not suitable for large projects or tiling over a large surface area and is not suitable for use on glass or natural stone. Ideal for tiles less than 12 inches.

Wet Tile Cutter:

Wet tile cutters are motorized tile cutters. It makes use of water and electricity while a rapidly rotating blade helps you cut the tiles.

They give clean cuts and professional finishes. It not only allows you to make straight cuts, but it also allows you to make shapes, curves, and cuts at odd angles.

A wet tile cutter has a hose to allow clean water to run through the cutter. Electricity powers the blade, and the system also has a drainage tray for water to drain.


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Top 10: Best Tile Saw For Homeowners Doing DIY Projects 2020

best tile saw 2019

If you’re planning a tiling project, investing in a great saw is critical. Additionally, once you have a tile saw, you’ll find all sorts of projects for it! Don’t underbuy; running large floor tile through a small saw can turn them into the little engine that just hums.


Be certain to review your manual and learn how to change blades, add water, make angle cuts and change the degree of your table for mitering. Take care of your saw, keep it clean, and you can enjoy this tool for years to come.


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Top 3: Best Wet Tile Saw Under 300 For Homeowners (2022)

best wet tile saw under 300

best wet tile saw under 300 2020

If you need to make repairs on your laundry room floor or your bathtub surround, then what you need is a wet tile saw. Buying wet tile saws can be made easier by going for brands that have already established a name in the industry.

That way, you will diminish the chances of getting a product of inferior quality.

Skil is our go-to company when it comes to wet tile saws for homeowners. This guide will evaluate three of their devices to help you get the best wet tile saw under 300 bucks.

Top 3: Best Wet Tile Saw Under 300 Bucks

1. SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

best wet tile saw under 300

This product will best suit DIY homeowners and people who generally engage in light work.

It has a stainless steel top, which means it is of exceptional quality. IThe blade is 7 inches long and is designed to make flexible cut types.

Unlike many other tile saws, this one does not have a water pump. The blade simply runs through the water in the reservoir.

This reservoir is also not very big, which will prove to be problematic for people with big projects. After every third or fourth use, you will have to refill it up.

The motor used in this tile saw is good enough for anyone to make accurate cuts. Water reservoir also helps to get rid of the dirt produced when cutting tiles.

It is one of the most affordable wet tile saws, and quality is not compromised because of its price. Great for people with little tile cutting to do, or those who just need a tile saw for a single project.

Beginners will find it easy to use!

The miter gauge included in its design will help you make perfect cuts. At the end of the day, you will save a lot of money by doing the job yourself.

With this saw, you will have to be careful not to get the debris on yourself. Note that the pieces can easily get to you when trimming the tiles. A little water should also be expected.

Practice and you will be able to prevent the debris from flying around. A good way to avoid debris spits is by keeping the blade guard down low when cutting tiles.

Overall, it is an affordable wet tile saw that is of exceptional quality.


• High-quality product. The top is made of rust-resistant stainless steel.

• Affordable

• Sufficient room for flexibility

• Motor used can make very accurate cuts

• It has a miter gauge to help you make error-free cuts on your tiles



• The water reservoir is tiny and requires frequent refilling

• It tends to spit debris and water, and this can lead to injuries

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2. SKIL 3601-02 Flooring Saw with 36T Contractor Blade

wet tile saw under 300 dollars

This is a higher version of the 3540-02 7-inch wet tile saw. It is also more expensive and much capable of handling bigger projects.

The biggest advantage of this wet tile saw is probably its light weight and a compact design, which makes it portable.Because of the design, it will not take up room in your workplace. This saw does not create a lot of dirt, water, and debris.

Still, the manufacturer included a dirt bag to help with the collection of the little dust you might produce when working. Many users prefer to attach their own vacuums to the duct port for purposes of cleaning up.

Using this saw is a breeze. You just need to push a button, and this means you can operate it with a single hand. The instructions are also clearly written, so you shouldn’t have a problem using it.

Although the whole product is strongly constructed, the blade tends to get dull after frequent use. If you intend to use it for a heavy project, consider purchasing more blades. You may experience delays with your construction project.

Overall, this saw gives you much more than you pay for. For the low price, you get a durable product that is excellently designed.

Those who have construction projects in various locations will also appreciate the light weight and compact design of this product.


• Operating the saw is easy. Instructions are included to reduce confusion.

• Affordable

• High Quality

• Lightweight, making transportation very easy

• Compact design

• Unlike many other saws, this one does not produce a lot of debris

• It also has a dirt bag to help in the collection of the debris produced in the workplace



• Blades get dull if used too frequently

• Dirt bag does not work very well

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3. SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw with HydroLock Water Containment System

wet tile saw for homeowner

This is another cheaply-priced wet tile saw. It makes use of the hydro lock water containment system to make cleaning of the blades easier. This system keeps the blades clean all the time. The table top is made of aluminum, a material that is resistant to corrosion.

Again, beginners can make use of the miter gauge in this tile saw to make error-free cuts. People with more experience usually make perfect cuts just by making estimates.

The blade allows for more flexible cuts. Another addition made to this product is the capacity to cut tiles up to 18 by 18 inches large.

Although it is strongly built, this tile saw is not meant for commercial or heavy use. Setting it up is quite simple, even for a beginner. The design also features a guard over the blade to prevent spitting of water all around the work area.

In your first attempt, you are likely to get some water spilled, but this will change with time as you learn how to use the saw. It is also designed to keep the water reservoir filled for a longer period.

This is achieved using a channel on top of the tile saw. The channel drives water back into the water reservoir every time you make cuts.

Using this product is very easy, even for complete amateurs. If you have trouble reading the instructions, you can head over to YouTube for a demonstration.

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• A system of retaining water in the reservoir

• Hydrolock water containment feature to keep the blades clean all the time

• Sliding side extension feature that helps in supporting the tiles

• Miter gauge and adjustable rip fence that help to make cuts more accurate

• High-quality product

• Cuts larger tiles

• Using this product is very easy



• It cannot be used for commercial purposes

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