Top 5: Best Dust Mask For Woodworking (Sanding Mask)



Why Do I Need A Mask? What Is The Best Dust Mask?

The National Health Admin prescribes that the normal measure of fine dust be close to 1mg/cubic meter over a 10-hour shop session. While this is relatively low, over hours of work, it can build up and become a hazard to you. To be frank, dust is unavoidable.

With that said, I will be a good friend and help keep you safe. There are a number of masks that claim to be the best dust mask, however, here is a list for you to choose your best dust mask for woodworking.

The masks will be ranked from worst to best using a star rating system from one to five containing the classes of quality and price, to help grade them. The higher the quality of performance and the lower the price, the higher the rating. Here is an example of the rating system; Quality: Grade from A-F and Price:$-$$$$$

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5. Harley N95 Mask 20 Pack

BEST DUST MASK for woodworking

  • Quality: C
  • Price: $$

This N95 Particle Dust Mask is a disposable mask. For this reason, it is usually the cheapest option. What this means is, that while this mask will be one of if not the most accessible to get in terms of money, the quality of the product will suffer because of it.

Most of these masks are usually a one size fits all, with minimal adjusting room. Instead of buying one for every day, most would rather invest in one for the long haul. However, in addition to the price, there are also some other pros to add.

For one, the quality is on the higher end in terms of cheap masks. So it is not like your getting some cheap plastic. Perhaps most importantly, the N95 exceeds the standard recommendation by both the CDC and WHO for health care workers treating airborne diseases.

For most workers, that is the key factor and is why they turn to this cheap alternative. Here are some extra sources to check out for yourself.

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