Top 3: Whats The Best Brushless Impact Driver? (2020 Reviews)

A brushless impact driver is a staple among tradesmen everywhere.


The power tool is also becoming increasingly common in the toolboxes of homeowners and hobbyist DIYers.


Basically a power drill on steroids, the tool utilizes bit rotation and concussive blows to push screws through even the densest wood.

best brushless impact driver

Yet not all brushless impact drivers are created equal. Some models are not only more powerful than others, but also have longer batter lives and are more durable as well.  


I did the legwork for you and reviewed the top 3 best brushless impact drivers currently available.


What Is a Brushless Impact Driver?

A brushless impact driver is a close relative to the standard power drill.  Both power tools are used to drill screws, bolts, and other fasteners into wood.


The big difference? A brushless impact driver also utilizes concussive blows in addition to the typical rotating bit movement.


This combination of movements leads to a one-two punch of torque and overall power that enables you to drive fasteners into even the hardest, densest wood.


In fact, most impact drivers create up to two, sometimes even three, times more force than your standard power drill.


The term “brushless” relates to the type of motor used to power the tool.


A brushless motor actually “adjusts” to the type of work you’re performing. It only pulls whatever amount of power is needed to complete the task at hand.

LifeHacker states that this is extremely beneficial as brushless tools are also cordless. Their brushless nature actually helps them increase performance and retain battery life.

best brushless impact driver 2020


Brushless motors also typically have less wear and tear than normal motors. Using them is less taxing on all of the inner components, making them last much longer than their counterparts.

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The only obvious downside to this type of tool is cost. The technology is still more expensive than standard power tools, including standard cordless impact drivers.


Is the extra cost worth it? It certainly is for most trade professionals that use these tools on a daily basis.


Homeowners, on the other hand, need to assess their own individual needs and preferences.


Do you really need a stand-alone impact driver? Or will a power drill do just fine? Do you truly need a brushless model or will a standard model fit the bill?


*Note that despite their slightly elevated cost, there are budget-friendly brushless impact drivers available.

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Best Brushless Impact Driver Reviews

1. Milwaukee 2760-20: Best Overall Brushless Impact Driver


The Milwaukee 2760-20 is a great combination between affordability and top performance.


This brushless impact driver is a staple in my tool bag. It’s consistently one of my top choices because of its overall convenience, great performance, and ruggedness.


It features four different settings so you can better control the power output. An ergonomic handle and comfortable trigger make it even easier to use.


Performance is top-notch as well. The brushless motor is one of the most reliable in the business, helping you drive fasteners into dense wood for years on end.


But what I like most about this Milwaukee impact driver is its durability. This tool is rugged enough for even the most abusive tradesman to use on a daily basis without damage.

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2. DeWalt DCF8895C2: Best Brushless Impact Driver for Trades Professionals  

The DeWalt DCF8895C2 costs a pretty penny, but for good reason – it’s the most powerful brushless impact driver available.


This impact driver simply pumps out power and torque to accomplish even the most difficult jobs without a second thought.


Couple that with a long-lasting battery and efficient motor. It’s easy to see why this is one of the top choices of contractors and trades professionals once you use it even a single time.


The maximum runtime is 57% longer than other DeWalt batteries as well as 1.5 times longer than most models from competitors.


Strangely, despite the high power output, this tool still gives you a high degree of finesse. Unlike other impact drivers, you can actually feel when you need to stop drilling, even if the location isn’t in your line of sight.

If a long-lasting battery and extremely powerful drilling motion are at the top of your list, then this DeWalt brushless impact driver is for you.

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3. Makita XDT13Z: Best Brushless Impact Driver for Homeowners

There’s no denying that the Makita XDT13Z is a rock-solid power tool.


It boasts 1,500 pounds of maximum torque from its high-performance brushless motor.


The battery lasts over 50% longer than other Makita models. It’s also specifically designed for maximum life, so you can rest assured this tool will last for years on end.

What makes it such a great option for homeowners is its slightly lower price. It’s still a top-notch tool but it does cost considerably less than, say, the DeWalt brushless impact driver.


The affordability makes it a top choice for homeowners everywhere. Of course, it also more than gets the job done for tradespeople, we’re just saying that there are slightly more powerful options out there for those that demand every inch of performance.


Other highlights of this Makita brushless impact driver are its three usage models, lightweight construction, and ergonomic handle.

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What Is the Best DeWalt Impact Driver?

You just can’t beat the DeWalt DCF8895C2.

best brushless impact driverbest brushless impact driver


It’s built with just the same care and quality of all other DeWalt tools. It’s engineered specifically for maximum performance in harsh field conditions.


Better yet, it boasts a highly efficient motor and strong battery for almost 1.5 times more run life on a single charge than any of its competitors.

If you’re a fan of DeWalt tools, then the DeWalt DCF8895C2 is certainly right up your alley.


Final Thoughts

There are a ton of top-quality brushless impact drivers on the market today – we’re curious about which model you use.


Is it one of our top 3 choices on this list? Or is there another model that you personally prefer the most?

Let us know in the comments below. And be sure to share this post with your friends!