What’s The Biggest Ratchet Wrench On The Market?


Here I was again, trying my hardest to look through my old toolbox to find a ratchet wrench big enough to unscrew practically the largest bolts I’d ever seen. I called up my dad in desperation; no luck.

I thought I was completely out of luck. Wait, does this mean there’s no use in searching? Of course not. The internet is a vast reservoir of niche products.

The question became: Where can I find the biggest ratchet wrench?

Answer: Stanley Proto

large ratchet wrenchNow…

Remember, if you’re trying to unscrew bolts on a door or something, this isn’t for you. This is for some big boy, heavy, industrial-style nuts or bolts.

The ideal customer for this product is one who is, like I said, doing some hardcore work on some massive bolts. The Stanley Proto X-Large Combination wrench is the biggest ratchet wrench I’ve ever seen, and if you’re looking for a massive socket, you’re in luck.

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If you’re looking for something a bit smaller, there are a ton of awesome wrench sets on Amazon, my favorite being Apex’s Gear Wrench set.

Now, someone working in something like Industrial work is clearly going to need something like the Stanley Proto. That isn’t to say it can’t be used for domestic work. Home businesses or manufacturers working from smaller, non-industrial businesses might have uses for the Stanley Proto as well.

If this is going to be a one use product, go ahead and take it to someone who might already have the equipment necessary for your job. The price tag most certainly does not imply a one-time use.


What Does The Wrench Do?

Biggest Ratchet WrenchWell, exactly what it is supposed to. Unscrew massive bolts. and the price tag similarly reflects that purpose.

If that’s too big of a tag for you, you’re essentially out of luck.

You’ve really gotta decide for yourself how much exactly you’re willing to spend on a product to unscrew big bolts.

This kind of product isn’t gonna come from every different company in the world.

Besides, it fulfills its use. What more could you possibly ask when you’re looking for the biggest ratchet wrench possible.

We’re dealing with a massive combination wrench.

The Features Of The Biggest Wrench Are Pretty Straightforward

But if you’re looking for some specifics, here you are:

it’s a 38 pound wrench, pretty heavy, reflecting its size. It’s 41.2 x 9.4 x 5 inches, and it’s got a black oxide finish if aesthetics matter to you to any particular degree.

As already stated, it’s mainly used for industrial and construction work. A

Also for use in oil work.

Provided that it is a combination wrench, you’ve got some versatility out of the product. Its 12 point box end lets you get some good fine tuning in on your huge bolts, which is something I honestly didn’t expect. Large doesn’t necessarily mean unwieldy. It fits 4, 6 and 12 point

On the subject of alternatives, products are scarce. They’re essentially slim to none, depending on your bolt sizes. But if you’re looking for the biggest ratchet wrench, (and I assume you are, because of the title of this article) you’re not gonna find much better than this whatsoever.

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This completely justifies the product from where I stand. But, if you want a fair size and price:

TEKTON offers a 46mm combination wrench

  • The crowfoot end is really where the size is at, so if that’s your style, go for it.
  • Not as polished as the Stanley.
  • Definitely cheaper.


Now, if by biggest you meant longest, and this whole review has been frustrating you, check out SK Hand Tools has an awesomely long combination wrench.

  • That’s definitely getting to some hard to reach places.
  • I’d say its ideal for car repairs and such.
  • Definitely taking a size dip.


Sacrifice a bit of the polish and length for Gear Wrench’s long combo wrench,

  • Putting you down under 10 bucks .
  • Less aesthetically pleasing.

jumbo size ratchet wrench set

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So, What Does This Mean?

It means that there is, in fact, a ratchet wrench built to the massive proportions we need it. And it is available to the everyman on Amazon. Now, no more frantically searching your insufficient tool box or giving a disappointing and defeating call to your father.

Problem solved!

Those bolts are coming off whether they like it or not. I’d recommend checking the wrench out. Heres a link: Jumbo size ratchet wrench set