Top 3: Best Reciprocating Saw Under 100 Bucks

So you are on the market for a reciprocating saw? Maybe you are on a budget and are looking for the best reciprocating saw under 100 bucks.

Or maybe you just want the best tool out there – prices be damned.

Different people have different ways of assessing their tools. Some will go by price or durability and some by the beauty of the tool.

In this piece, we are looking at different reciprocating saws to assess their features, durability, and general preferences within the $100 range.

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Picking the Best Out the Bunch: What Features to Consider

Reciprocating saws have generally become more lightweight- so look out for that. The grip design has seen the most creativity with the emphasis on anti-slip handles offering maximum comfort.

There is also more thought going into designs to make more maneuverable tools that can fit and cut in tight spaces.

The one dilemma manufacturers have had to contend with is whether to go cordless or not. Cordless saws are more portable but there is a limit to the battery size that can fit hence a limit to the power they wield.

On the other hand, corded saws can be fitted with more powerful motors but portability is limited.
A look at the three of the most popular reciprocating saws; what makes them tick?

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The Best Reciprocation Saw Under 100 List


Dewalt Bare Tool DC-385B

This 18V Recip saw with a single stroke 1-1/8 inch stroke length boasts one of the highest rpms at 2700-3000 rpms.

The 4 position keyless blade clamp gives you more versatility to cut hard to reach places and awkward angles better. You can also change blades faster.

This saw is light and compact.What is The Best Reciprocating Saw Under 100 Bucks

The comfortable anti-slip grip gives more handling ability and the pivoting adjustable shoe ensures you will never miss your cutting line.

The fact that this tool is cordless means you can deploy it anywhere. You just have to remember to carry the 18-volt battery pack and the charger. Each battery can be powered up for six hours after just 15 minutes of charge.

With two batteries, you are set for a whole day or night.

This tool is ideal for demolition, construction, remodeling and basically any other tasks that include cutting through wood, plastic, and hollow metal.

With a three year limited warranty and a full year’s service, you are looking at a good amount of work done before you start worrying about breakdowns.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Any Dewalt 18 volt battery will fit and long battery life
  • Cordless for maneuverability


  • Battery pack sold separately
  • Lacks orbital mode

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The Bosch RS7

At 8.5 lbs., this reciprocating saw is comfortable enough for overhead jobs. A 1-1/8 in. stroke length backed by an 11 amp. motor means that it will work its way through cement boards, plywood, and metal.

You can work at night comfortably with lighting from its dual LED lights. The open toe shoe allows you to see where you are cutting with more precision.

Best Reciprocating Saw Under 100 2019

There is a variable speed trigger to control your cutting. The tool less blade changing also gives you faster change times and coming with a 10 blade pack, you have no worries about a lack of blades.

The ergonomic handle has a soft feel that goes well with the speed control to work out the most comfortable grip for controlled cutting which compensates a bit for the lack of vibration control. the portability and versatility in positioning may be curtailed by the fact that it is corded.

To carry around, there is a tote bag and not a case, unfortunately. With this saw being a Bosch product, you can expect the brand to live up its name for durability and sturdiness.

Nevertheless, it comes with a one-year limited warranty. Some reviewers have complained that its price is a bit high in consideration of the features lacking, but hey! It is a Bosch after all.

Pros at a glance

  • LED light for low light conditions
  • Open toe gives better cutting line visibility
  • 10 blades set robust enough for cutting wood, metal and masonry

Cons at a glance

  • Lacks anti-vibration control
  •  No hard case offered just a tote bag
  • Highly priced for average features

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Porter Cable PCC670B

This saw has a rather lengthy brand name-Porter Cable PCC670B Max Lithium Bare Tigersaw. The 1 in. stroke length cuts at an impressive 3000 rpm backed by a 20-volt motor.

The trigger has the speed control for precision cutting and the keyless blade clamp allows for faster blade changes.

Reciprocating Saw Under $100
The greatest asset of this reciprocating saw is its light weight.At 3.8 lbs., this saw is ideal for cutting in tight spaces and overhead. The ergonomic design of the grip is comfortable allowing longer cutting time. The 20-volt batteries can be charged in 20 minutes.

The lightweight design and short cutting stroke have been seen as a limitation by some pundits

Pros at a glance
· Cordless for maneuverability
· Compact and lightweight
· Higher battery power at 20 volts

Cons at a glance
· Battery and charger pack sold separately
· Not robust enough for long heavy duty work

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Closing Shop

As can be seen, the Dewalt and Porter saws are strong in comfort and maneuverability, allowing for longer work hours with less fatigue. This has compromised their robustness when it comes to dealing with heavy-duty work. They are what you need for overhead corner work.

The Bosch is a no- frills heavy-duty saw. The lesser comfort in handling it is made up for by cutting through your job faster.

This is the tool for straight up work on the ground.It also comes in handy for a wide range of applications especially in tasks that are intense and require plenty of input in terms of power and grip.

Choosing the best reciprocation saw under 100 comes down to individual tastes. It also at times depends on the job at hand as well as the durability of the units available to you.

This is a list of the more popular reciprocating saws in the market. If your favorite brand is not among the list, tell us why it should be there, and your experience working with it.