Top 7: Best Portable Table Saw Reviews

When cutting an object that is not yet assembled into the infrastructure of your product, there should be no room for error. Quite often the amateur or lazy professional will cut corners and choose to use either a jigsaw, sawzall, circular saw, rotary tool, or other cutting device when only a stationary table saw should be used.

 Best Portable Table Saw Reviews

A table saw is stable, and offers a much more accurate surface and cutting strategy from which to produce accurate templates.

They offer an adjustable blade, an adjustable guide, a safety guard to protect the user and that stable surface which provides the ability to produce the most accurate cut.

While other saws offer freedom and the ability to improvise a project, the honest carpenter will admit that if he has properly planned his project, he will be utilizing a table saw to build the basic framework of any major project.


Now you have decided that the table saw, and not some unstable hand held saw of any kind, is the right choice for every serious carpenter. One of the other major aspects of the world of professional and amateur carpenters alike is the ability to easily transport these tools to a jobsite.

Not only transport, but easily set them up for use. In order to understand the full benefits of a table saw that can be easily set up remotely, we would need to explore portable table saw options. So now it is time to figure out which is the best portable table saw for your use and specific application.

There are many choices on the market today for your table saw options. The first thing that one must assess when deciding on the proper portable table saw is, power. We will make sure to share power levels in the best portable table saw reviews below.

The Best Portable Table Saw Reviews

As with any major purchase, the smart consumer will balance price vs. features to get proper value. We have listed the options, in no particular order, with value as the most important factor. To be clear, you also list not-so-great saws that you may want to avoid like #7.
top portable table saws 2018

7. Craftsman 10 inch Portable Table Saw

This saw represents the low end option for the weekend warrior. While it advertises a full 15 amp motor, the product fails to deliver on some aspects of the job- definitely not the most versatile portable table saw. It is consistently rated as lacking power and stability, and therefore, even at the relatively low price under $300, is still not a valued purchase price for those looking to use consistently.

best rated table saw6. Ryobi ZRRTS21G 10 in. Portable Table Saw with Quick Stand

This 15 amp, 56 pound saw is an easy-to-use option that should appeal to many amateur, weekend carpenters. This saw offers a 27 inch extension for rip capacity, tool-less auto feed, tool-less quick-stand and onboard storage for the guide and other amenities. All this is offered for a price that generally falls well under $300, which brings the value of this low-end saw well into the picture.

5. Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Stand

Now we really get to the good stuff!

Best Portable Table Saw ReviewsTruly one of the best portable table saws for making cabinets and other woodworking tasks. This 4HP, 124 pound saw may not be the lightest or cheapest of options, but is a truly great saw. The innovative, gravity stand offers stability on every precarious job-site surface.

The state of the art safety features allow for peace of mind to every jobsite supervisor as well. This is all beside the fact that this highly rated machine will rip through boards of up to 25 inches at a consistent and reliable 3650 rpms.

While it generally goes for a price of around $600, the overall value for a quality saw is high.

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4. Delta Power Tools 36-6020 10″ Portable Table Saw with Stand

Delta, among some of the elite brands, makes a quality, highly rated product, and this saw is no exception. This 88 pound saw is powerful, and provides a consistent cut for all levels of carpentry, up to and including the professional. This saw offers maximum performance at a truly amazing value.

best rated table saw 2018

3. Jet JBTS-10MJS 10-Inch Jobsite Table Saw

As with all of the saws listed here, this is another 15 amp, 10 inch saw. However, as with the other high-end saws, this tool offers special features that will be appreciated by the professional and serious amateur alike who are looking for a powerful tool for your woodwork tool collection. Its Easy-fold with a wheeled stand for convenient storage, quick set-up and portability (of course)

This saw offers an above-average 4.4 HP motor and a ripping capacity of 25 inches. It also offers easy folding storage and a highly-rated and consistent cutting performance. We can see the appeal, but it would be hard to recommend it in light of some of the other less expensive options that seem to offer similar value.

best portable table saw for fine woodworking2. Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw with Laser

While the laser is a truly useful option, it is the unparalleled 30 inch ripping capacity of this 15 amp, 10 inch saw that sets it apart.

However, the quality of craftsmanship on this saw is lacking. The fencing bar is regularly rated as unstable, requiring continuous adjustments. For the weekend warrior, this saw may fit a basic need for a powerful saw that has accurate capacity with unprecedented ripping capacity.

However, for the professional, this saw is lacking in value, and at over $400 is only an option for the casual rather than the true carpenter.

1. DEWALT DW744XRS 10-inch Job Site Table Saw with Rolling Stand

best portable table saw for home useAs with many other power tools, when it comes to portable table saws, Dewalt is not to be outdone. This in-class option boasts some simple features for the serious homeowner to the professional who pushes this tool everyday.

The portable, adjustable, rolling stand might breed a feeling of instability, but produces a solid base that is reassuring. This highly rated, 58 pound pound unit is highly maneuverable.

However, as with most Dewalt products, this tool consistently receives high praise for durability.

When it comes to professional grade, based on daily, hard use, this tool delivers each and every time. For the relatively expensive price over $600, it may seem expensive, but for the sheer stamina value, this price is a bargain for the number of productive, consistent cuts a carpenter will get out of this quality tool.


So, What Are You Looking For In Your Portable Table Saw?

If you are in the market for a new table saw, either as the guy in your neighborhood that fixes everyone’s issues, or as the upstart contractor, you could learn much from a crash course in table saws. The ones listed above will all have significant value, especially between the $300-$600 range (minus the stands which are included with each option above).

What is important for anyone endeavoring to tackle some carpentry is that they consider the application of the tools they plan to use.

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The temptation for a professional to cut corners and purchase some of the more economical options above, such as the Craftsman, is high. While Craftsman has shown that it is a tried and true professional-grade tool manufacturer in the past, there is evidence to support that some of their major power tools fall well short of specialty brands.

The second tier of this power tool hierarchy resides with brands such as Delta and Ryobi. Here again, these are companies that focus more on mass production, rather than quality. While both of these brands produce a decent product, they purposely produce products at levels that would not appeal to professionals.

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This tends to turn off the savvy consumer. Even though we all seek a product that isn’t over-priced based exclusively on brand name, we also want a product that we know is built to handle the job, and built to last.

If you are the Do-It-Yourselfer that tackles above average jobs, but is not building a new garage every other week, these are decent options.

They offer good value for the product that they offer, but do not offer high level, above average, industrial machines. They offer the machine that sits in many average-joe’s garage, waiting to tackle some mid-level jobs when occasion arises.


The last value tier is clearly the cream of the crop. While obviously the most expensive, these options also offer the latest developments in safety, accuracy and durability. These table saws are designed to be used every day, and to be abused every day, and to be put to the test every day. As any contractor will quickly attest, a tool is only as good as its durability.

It all Depends on the Job (Sometimes)

Just look at the average job site, and how many pneumatic and electrical cords run through it. While today’s battery technology allows for some convenience with cordless tools, the average professional knows, unlike the weekend garage mechanic, that they simply do not produce enough power. It takes actual direct electrical or pneumatic power to produce professional-strength requirements to meet job-site needs.

The Bosch, Jet and Dewalt table saws should be the tools considered for this level. There is certainly no restriction against the average amateur stepping up to this level of quality, and it is encouraged.

When considering value, one must consider whether a weekend warrior is going with overkill when purchasing one of these professional-grade machines. These machines, being industry driven toward innovation, carry the latest safety developments.

They feature the newest technology in appendage safety to keep every person, regardless of their skill level, featuring all of their God-given attributes.

Brand Recognition Price Points and Trustworthiness

top portable table saw

Most importantly, the higher tier, and therefore higher priced, options also offer the most consistent, most highly rated and most durable products. There can be no substitute for the simple factor of quality. To highlight the importance of integrity, a smart consumer can look to box-store options on certain products. 

For instance

Bosch, Jet and Dewalt offer only specific box store options for their products, mostly of the low-end, entry level variety. These manufacturers then offer their higher quality, professional-grade tools via online stores that require no price restriction. Box stores maximize price regardless of quality, which is enticing for sales, but these intelligent companies ensure the quality of their product for those that matter most, the professional community, by continuing to offer independent sales outside of those constraints.

Best portable table saw

What should not be a surprise, as with any major purchase, is that “you get what you pay for”.

What I hope might at least be enlightening is that there are options available which allow the educated consumer to make a smart purchase.

Some of the trusted brands may be those that are among the most popular, and the consumer will need to be the judge on whether popularity equates to quality. Success in today’s consumer market is based on return on investment, which is only utilized when a company maintains a positive image based on the public view of the quality of their product.

Given these higher octane options, do not disregard the large name brands due to recognition, but rather consider all of the top tier brands based on the quality of the product that they have put into the trusted hands of professionals for many years.

Closing Shop

top portable table sawFor either the weekend warrior, or the experienced carpenter, the going through the various tools available can be daunting.

When taking on any task, there is a significant amount of wisdom in the phrase “the right tool for the right job”.

It is often the easy road to solving problems that often leads to safety violations on the job site, and potential safety concerns, or worse, actual safety incidents.

There is no better place for the average homeowner or job site supervisor to focus than in the area of power tools. There are many unfortunate emergency room visits happening across the country due to improper use of power tools.

Or even more accurately put, using the wrong tool for the right job.

A portable saw is generally less powerful than its non-portable cousin, so you need to know that your sacrifice for portability has not cost you the amount of power you need to get the job done. So you need to review the top options for the best portable table saws

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