Top 15: Best Corded Drill Reviews 2020 (Small, Lightweight and For Home Use)

Whats is The Best Corded Drill Reviews in 2020: While corded drills tend to be heavy duty, tough to haul around and require consistent power at worksites. These highly versatile tools deliver a number of unique advantages to users who also want to work .

Corded Drill Reviews 2019

Corded drills typically operate with high toque, making them an ideal option for large projects that involve boring holes through metal, lumber or glass.


Since they operate off a consistent power supply, corded drills always have full power to handle any job- unlike their cordless counterparts.


These drills also offer fast rotational speeds, which allow them to be used with small drill bits and attachments like metal brushes and buffers.


Best Corded Drill

Corded Drill Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose Corded Drills

best corded drill for home use


By determining the main purpose of the drill, you will be able choose the right drill type, handle style, chuck size and type, brand, drill features and drill bits.


Corded power drills are generally available in four different types: drill/driver, hammer, rotary hammer, and angle drills. Also if you are on a budget- we made sure the list consists of the best corded drills under $100.


Take a look through the reviews and click on the manuals which are within the corded drill description. Let us know what you think. 

The Best Corded Drill Reviews

DEWALT DWD115K VSR Mid-Handle Grip Drill Kit with Keyless Chuck

The DEWALT DWD 115K is powerful, versatile and durable. It is also lightweight, and has an ergonomic design that facilitates comfortable, accurate handling.

Best Corded Drill Reviews 2019

This reversible drill comes with a powerful 8-amp motor that delivers speeds of 0-2,500RPM, translating to quick, versatile drilling/diving.


The drilling tool features a capacity of 1 1/8- inches when used in wood with a hole saw, and handles a 1-inch capacity when working in wood with a spade bit.


The DWD 115K features a 3/8-inch capacity when used in steel with a twist bit. This makes it versatile enough for home use in a variety of common around-the-home tasks, as well as light construction work.


With its 3/8-inch ratcheting keyless chuck that tightens as you work, this dependable mid-handle drill delivers much greater bit retention than many boring tools out there.


It is quite durable, thanks to its ball-bearing construction, and comes with the unmatched DEWALT warranty package – which includes a 90-day money-back guarantee, a one-year free service contract, and a 3-year limited warranty.

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DEWALT DWD112 VSR Pistol-Grip Drill with Keyless All-Metal Chuck 

Best Corded Drill Reviews

It is powered by an 8.0 amp motor that delivers high performance and efficient operation in heavy-duty applications.

It features a strong and durable ball-bearing construction, which together with the powerful motor, makes it an ideal tool for drilling metal.


The DEWALT DWD112 offers a 3/8 capacity when working in steel and a 1-inch capacity when working in wood with a spade bit. It features a capacity of 1 1/8 inches when working in wood with a hole saw. This means it’s flexible enough for a wide range of materials.


Its powerful motor can produce 0 to 2,500 RPM to handle all those heavy-duty jobs, with the variable speed contributing to its versatility, consistency and precision.

The drill’s 3/8-inch, all-metal, ratcheting keyless chuck allows for greater bit retention and enhanced productivity.

best corded drills 2019

Featuring soft, non-slip rubber grip-handle design for comfort the DEWALT DWD112 offers an ergonomic design that helps reduce strain on wrists and hands, thus facilitating comfortable, long-term use. It is also lightweight, making it easy to store and carry around.

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Black & Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC Drill/Driver

best corded drill for home use


The patented Matrix system makes it compatible with a variety of additional tool attachments from Black & Decker, including trim saw, jigsaw, impact driver, oscillating tool, detail sander and router, giving you a practical and affordable way to expand your toolbox.


It is compact, lightweight and thoughtfully designed, allowing you to carry out drilling/driving tasks even in small or confined spaces with ease.


The unit includes an 11-position clutch which gives you precise control to prevent stripping and/or overdriving of screws.

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Bosch HD 21-2 Speed Hammer Drill

This hammer drill features a high-output 9.2 Amp variable-speed motor, which is the best of its kind, providing maximum performance and durability for drilling in an extensive variety of materials, including metal, wood and concrete.


With its powerful motor, 1/2 In. 3-Jaw chuck, and a rugged construction, this hammer drill is particularly ideal for drilling in metal. The HD 21-2 Hammer drill is the best corded drill driver with clutch

corded power drill


Its variable-speed reversing trigger ensures accurate bit starting along with efficient removal of fasteners or bound bits. The proprietary rotating brush technology provides equal power in reverse to easily and effectively back out bound-up bits and doubles brush life.

best corded drill driver with clutch

It’s quite versatile, allowing you to easily convert from rotation only to hammer drill mode using its dual-mode selector. The drill’s 2-speed gearbox means you can effortlessly choose between “high speed” (for working on concrete) and “high torque” (for drilling in wood or metal).


What’s more, you don’t have to worry about sustaining a wrist strain or injury when using this tool since its pistol-grip is compact and ergonomically designed with nonslip soft grip.

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Black & Decker DR560 1/2-Inch 7.0 Amp Drill/Driver

best corded drill driver with clutch


Another one of the best corded drill driver with a clutch.


The mid-handle design, comfort grip handle and 360 degree side handle ensures that the drill feels comfortable and yet provides support, control and balance for accurate drilling and also for preventing breakage of drill bits.

See video review here


Its reversing brush system delivers full power in both forward and reverse.


Because of its powerful drilling abilities, the Black & Decker DR560 can be an excellent choice for drilling holes and driving large fasteners through metal, wood and plastic. 

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Hitachi D13VF 9 Amp 1/2-Inch Drill

The Hitachi D13VF 9-Amp reversible drill is powered by a 9 Amp high performance motor which provides adequate power at all drilling speed. With a maximum no-load speed of 850 RPM and a maximum torque of 416.6 in-lbs., this drill combines high speed with optimal torque making it ideal for those high torque jobs such as drilling in metal and wood.

corded drill comparison

It features a form-fit palm grip handle that enhances comfort whilst also reducing fatigue-causing vibration.


The high quality, heavy-duty aluminum gear housing helps dissipate heat in an efficient manner and also adds to its durable construction.

Its double gear reduction feature ensures the drill delivers high torque with minimal gear strain.


Designed for easy 2-finger operation with a lock-on feature, the drill’s electronic variable speed control trigger facilitates comfortable, continuous operation.


The removable side handle boosts operability and control while the belt hook provides added convenience between use and prevents the drill from any unexpected falls.


There is also an optional angle attachment, which can be handy when working in confines spaces and other hard-to-reach areas.

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Bosch 1006VSR 3/8-Inch Keyless Chuck Drill

best corded drill driver 2019


It utilizes a 6.3 amp motor to produce 0-2600 RPMs, which is much higher than an 18V equivalent, while keeping the weight at only 3.4 pounds.


The 3/8-inch Jacobs ratcheting keyless chuck holds the drill’s accessories very well, ensuring minimal or no slipping.


It comes with a new, improved lock-on switch design which prevents accidental lock-on by keeping the switch in a recessed position in the handle.

For comfort and precise speed control, this lightweight and powerful drill from Bosch comes with an oversized 2-finger trigger. Its service-minder brushes automatically stop the tool whenever brush replacement is necessary. It also comes with a tough, study belt clip that frees up your hands so you can carry out other tasks.

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lightweight corded drill for home use

With its powerful 6.0 amp motor, the Black & Decker DR340B is reliable and compact enough to handle the toughest of jobs in tight spaces.


Its single sleeve keyless chuck delivers excellent bit retention while the drill’s variable speed trigger and integrated bubble level facilitate controlled, accurate drilling and driving.


It features a comfort grip handle and has an overall ergonomic design, guaranteeing comfort and easy handling.


The drill kit also includes an on-board bit storage for quick and easy access to screw driving bits, a storage bag and a double ended screw driving bit.

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PORTER-CABLE PC600D Variable Speed Drill

If you’re looking for a reliable corded drill for jobs that require extended tool usage, then the PORTER-CABLE PC600D can be a perfect option. It comes with a high-output 6 Amp motor, which provides optimal power for high-performance job sites.


With a capability to deliver 0-2,500 RPM, the PORTER-CABLE PC600D 3/8-inch drill is superbly designed to provide the speed needed for a wide range of heavy-duty drilling applications.


The drilling tool features a high-torque gear design, making it ideal for wood and metal fabrication, pilot hole drilling in frame construction and deck building, and a variety of other applications requiring the use of a quality corded drill with extended run-time.

what is the best corded drill?


This handheld drill offers a range of professional grade features, including a 2-sleeve, keyless chuck for quick and effortless bit changes; a variable-speed trigger for application specific speed control; a 6-foot-long, high quality cord, and a lock-on button for easier and efficient control during prolonged us; and a belt clip for securing the drill.

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Black & Decker DR260B

This is another powerful and compact drill that’s perfect for home use, for drilling holes in metal, wood and plastic or driving screws to fasten a variety of materials.

small corded drill

It features a 5.2 Amp motor which delivers plenty of power to handle all those tough tasks in and around the home, from deck repair to fence building.


With this compact drill, you can enjoy a variable speed range of 0-1,500 RPM for efficient, controlled drilling and driving. It churns out maximum power in both forward and reverse settings.


The Black & Decker DR260B 3/8-Inch drill is very easy and comfortable to use, with a keyless chuck that allows for effortless bit changes and an ergonomic soft grip handle which not only reduces user fatigue but also helps maintain a more secure hold as you work.


It also includes a single finger trigger that enhances control, and a bubble level that facilitates accurate drilling.

The on-board bit storage ensures that you have everything you need at your fingertips.

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small corded drill 2019

Milwaukee 0240-20

This is another powerful drill from one of the most popular brands in the power tools industry, that is powered by an 8.0 amp motor, which delivers plenty of power to handle even the toughest jobs both at home and commercial job-sites.


It also has one of the fastest rotational speed (0-2,800 RPM), allowing for fast drilling and more precise incision.


The all-metal gear case offers durability, protecting the gears and providing the needed support in high-torque applications.

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How To Choose the Best Corded Drill

Best corded drill under 100

The Kawasaki 840176 3/8-inch drill is an ideal drilling tool for home use, providing ample power for everything from light maintenance jobs to full remodeling projects.


It features a simple corded design, but this doesn’t mean it lacks in power or features. The tool comes with a handy 6.8 Amp motor that makes it quite powerful, and a variable speed up to 2,500 RPM at no load speed.


For comfort and convenience, the Kawasaki 840176 3/8-inch features variable speed and reverse – allowing for controlled drilling, driving and removal of screws.


Its 3/8-inch keyless chuck offers quick, easy bit changes, while the trigger lock prevents accidental activation.

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best corded drill reviews

With a reliable, patented 10 Amp motor that delivers 50% more power than a standard motor of the same size, the DEWALT DWD210G is a heavy-duty drilling tool designed to deliver optimal performance for all jobsite drilling and fastening needs.


It offers reversible variable-speed control from 0-1,200 RPM, translating to quick, efficient and versatile drilling and driving.


Its ergonomic grip and 2-finger rubber trigger allows for improved comfort and easy power control.


Improved user comfort and better maneuvering, and overall command of the tool are achieved through a locking, 360-degree, soft-grip side handle that gives you several hand-position options.


It comes with a 3-year warranty and DEWALT offers 1 year of free service.

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Designed for rugged applications that require greater amount of torque, the DEWALT DW130V 1/2-inch drill with spade handle is ideal for jobs that require downward drilling pressure. It features a 9.0 Amp, 120 V motor that delivers ample power for any job.
corded drill features


The tool delivers up to 550 RPM of torque to adequately meet the needs of various applications, from drilling to mixing paint and drywall mud.


For efficient mixing, it offers a variable speed reversible switch to reduce air bubbles when mixing drywall mud. Its soft grip handle ensures improved user comfort and superior ergonomics.

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corded drill 2018

The Milwaukee 0299-20 1/2-inch drill offers unbeatable performance and durability.


It is powered by a powerful 8.0 Amp motor that offers 0-850 RPM, variable speed control.


The all-metal gear case makes it quite durable, and ideal for rugged applications. Though the tool may feel heavy, it still sits nicely in hand, thanks to its well-designed ergonomic grip and comfortable, longer trigger.


The included side handle gives you greater control and versatility.

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corded drill

Corded Drill Features

Another important aspect that you’ll need to consider when shopping for the best corded drill is the features that come with the unit. While even a basic corded drill can perform most tasks, there are certain features that make specific jobs easier to handle, much faster to complete, and much simpler to manage.

what is the best corded drill reviews 2018

Choose a drill that allows you to customize the speed of the drill rotational speed for fast or slow drilling. Some corded drills offer speed stops or speed locks, allowing you to limit speed fluctuations. In general, softer materials can accommodate faster speeds, but hard materials require slow speeds.


As with speed, it is recommendable that you pick a corded drill that allows you to adjust the drill’s torque or rotational force for boring different material.


The variable or adjustable torque settings feature will enable you to minimize the risk of damaging materials.


Generally, higher drill speeds equate to lower torque.


The corded drill’s power is determined by both speed and torque.


When it comes to choosing the right drilling power, you need check the drill’s Units Watts Out (UWO) – which indicates the amount of power produced by the drill. Heavy-duty drills typically have higher UWOs for better performance yield.

top corded drills

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A corded drill with a reversibility (a bit that can back out while drilling) feature can help you achieve cleaner holes.


The drill bit reversibility feature can also come in handy when driving screws through dense pockets of wood that tend to be hard to penetrate.

Other drill features that you need to consider include: clutch settings, cord length, side handle, weight and storage.


The best corded drill should not only be lightweight, but also have a proper cord length that fits the job without being cumbersome and an adjustable clutch that allows you to preset the clutch stop so you can keep hole depths consistent.


A corded drill with a rotating side handle will provide you with customizable working angles and a steadier grip. Make sure the drill has magnetic pads or storage areas to hold screws, bits and drill chuck keys.


The manufacturer or brand can also be an important consideration. Though there are many affordable corded drilling tools out there, consider choosing a high-end tool from one of the leading brands such as Black and Decker, Bosch, DeWalt, Makita, or Milwaukee.


Types of Drill Bit

small corded drills 2018

The type of drill bit (Whats a drill bit?)is a consideration that is often forgotten but is equally important when choosing the best corded drill.


Using an inappropriate bit or attachment can damage your drilling tool and the material that is being drilled. Bits come in different types and sizes, and it’s important that you acquaint yourself with them so you can check that the bit type and size will fit in the chuck.

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The different types of drill bits available include: brad point drill bits, auger drill bits, masonry bits, twist bits, glass/tile bits, center bits, and core bits.


Typically, rotary hammer drills take SDS (Slotted Drive Shank) shank or spline shank bits while concrete hammer drills take masonry bits of up to 1/2-inch in diameter.

How to Insert the Drill Bit Into Your Corded Drill

corded drill

Corded Drill Types

The Standard drill/driver is the most common type of drill used by homeowners and tradesmen alike, for domestic and commercial applications. It features a rather basic design, where the user pulls a trigger located on the handle as if he were firing a bullet from a gun.


This drilling/screw driving tool is ideal for light-duty, residential purposes, such as driving screws into furniture components or building materials, and for occasional heavy-duty domestic or commercial projects.


A Hammer drill is designed to provide extra force and power. This is achieved by a hammering mechanism or “hammer action”, which pulsates the bit while it rotates a screw into place. The hammering mechanism consists of two steel cam plates that pulsates the drill’s chuck back and forth.


This hammer action, in most cases, can be turned on or off, allowing users to enjoy the choice of working with three options: hammering only, rotational only or hammering plus rotation.


This type of corded drill is capable of taking on heavier tasks than a drill/driver, and is ideal for such activities as screw driving, metal drilling, wood drilling, soft stone types drilling, and harder rock types drilling.

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A Rotary hammer drill, also known as roto hammer drill or masonry drill, is crafted to offer heavy-duty performance for construction applications.

This pneumatic drill produces less vibration and a much greater pulverizing effect compared to cam-type drills which move the chuck and drill bit back and forth. Its design allows for drilling of holes larger than 1 1/2 –inch, making it an ideal option for inserting lag bolts or concrete anchors.


It is actually used for really rough stuff and heavy drilling jobs, and is not recommended for lighter drilling jobs such as those of typical domestic projects like screw driving and wood drilling.

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An Angle drill, also known as a 90-degree drill or a right-angle drill, is designed to provide an easy and convenient solution for drilling in those tight spaces.


On this drill type, the drill bit and the chuck (the part where the bit is inserted) lie perpendicular to the drill’s power shaft and grip. It is often used by plumbers, joiners and electricians when working around corners, in small bays between floor joists, or when boring holes in cabinets.

best 1/2 corded drills torque

Drill Handle Types

When it comes to drill handle type, there are four types to choose from: 

  • Pistol-Grip
  • T-handle
  • D-handle
  • Spade-handle

Corded drills with a Pistol-grip look like a pistol. The handle is positioned directly below and behind the motor.


The T-handle grip is more common on cordless drills than it is on corded power drills. Nonetheless, a few corded models feature this handle type. With a T-handle drill, the handle (and trigger) extend downwards from the center of the motor shaft, thereby forming letter “T”. This design offers better ergonomics, resulting in much better weight distribution which minimizes wrist strain.


For D-handle drills, the handgrip is designed to form a letter “D”, with the handle and trigger falling directly in line with the drill’s motor. This handle style can be very helpful when drilling through joists and studs.


On a Spade-handle drill, the handle design is similar to that of a T-handle drill but there is an extra “D”-shaped handle behind the motor. This design, which features extra handle(s), provides the leverage needed for drilling relatively larger holes and carrying out other activities like mixing drywall mud and stirring paint.

Chuck Size and Type

When choosing the best corded drill, you will need to consider the chuck size and type. The chuck is the component of the drill that houses the bit and is the part that rotates when the trigger is pulled.

Drill chucks typically come in three sizes:

  • 1/4 inch
  • 3/8 inch
  • 1/2 inch

The chuck sizes indicate the maximum diameter of the drill bits. This means bits can be smaller than the actual chuck size.


Drill chucks can either be keyed or keyless. Each option has its own pros and cons. For corded drills with a keyed chuck, you must unlock the chuck with a key or tool in order to change bits.


This can be inconveniencing, and there’s also the constant worry of losing the drill chuck key. The great thing about keyed chucks is that they tend to be more secure.


Corded drills with a keyless chuck, on the other hand, allow you to loosen or tighten the chuck by hand and so you can change the bits quickly. This facilitates quick bit changes, which can be particularly useful when working with gloves. What’s more, with a keyed chuck you’ll never need to worry about losing the chuck key.

Which of the best corded drills mentioned in the reviews are your favorite? 

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