5 Best Corded Drill Under 100 for Driving Screws with Clutch

Hobbyists and home owners don’t need to spend lots of money for their tools.

Buying the best corded drill under 100 bucks will not only satisfy your budget but give you a tool that should last for years.

Best Corded Drill Under 100 2019

Cordless Drills vs The Best Corded Drill Under 100

Cordless drills may be convenient because of how portable they are but when push comes to shove a corded drill using an AC power source is more useful. Jobs such as buffing, mixing paint and cleaning objects with metal brushes are good examples of tasks that would wear-out your battery but aren’t a problem with a corded drill.

Corded drills don’t need to be recharged and as long as you have a long enough cord can do anything a cordless drill can.

The newer Lithium ion batteries are catching-up but corded tools are still more powerful than battery powered ones.

Nonprofessionals and home People who won’t be using their drill for continuous heavy work or professional use should be able to get by with a drill that’s under one hundred dollars.

Below are drills we feel can qualify for the best corded drill under 100. They are well-made and owner’s will benefit from their functionality.

Best Corded Drill Under 100 Bucks

Hitachi D10VH 3/8-Inch EVS Reversible Drill

Best Corded Drill Under $100The D10VH delivers 108.1 inches per pound of torque from the single-phase, reversible, 120-volt motor. The drill is versatile with a 3/8” keyless chuck capable of 1” through wood and 3/8” through steel.

Setting the drill’s speed is made simple by the speed dial being placed on the Variable-speed trigger. A clockwise movement will result in higher speeds while a counter-clockwise turn gives a lower setting.

A stopping function will set the drill to keep running when you take your finger off the trigger for extended use.

The drill is great for working longer periods of time due to its weight of only 3.1 pounds and its ergonomic design.

The grip is fitted to give maximum comfort and control while damping the tools vibration for situations when you’ll be using the drill one-handed. The speed controls are placed for easy access.

The Hitachi drill comes with a plastic carry case.

Drill owners say the Hitachi has good power for most jobs and is well made. The keyless chuck takes more turns to tighten but will hold the bit much better than other chucks so is worth the few extra turns.

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Black & Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC Drill/Driver

Drill Under $100Expand your tool box as you go with the BDEDMT Matrix AC Drill and Driver, part of Black and Decker’s matrix modular tool system.

Sold separately, six other tool attachments make up the Matrix System.

These include an impact driver, jigsaw, detail sander, router, trim saw and an oscillating multi-tool attachment for fine work.

Power through most materials with the 4 Amp motor while choosing the optimal speed with the 11 position clutch.

Choosing the correct clutch setting helps stop stripping and overdriving of screws and can prolong the life of the motor.

Small and light enough for almost anybody to use, the compact drill and driver lets you get into those difficult workspaces.

Tool free changing of attachments is quick and easy with Black and Decker’s sturdy, matrix quick connect system.

The Matrix Corded Drill and Driver comes with the drilling and driving attachment, a double-sided bit tip and a two year warranty.

Owners of the Black and Decker Matrix Drill and Driver agree it’s a good low cost tool for beginners around the house. The connection for the tool attachment is sturdy and changing tools is quick and easy, accomplished in just seconds.

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DEWALT DWD112 3/8-InchPistol-Grip Drill with Keyless All-Metal Chuck

Bore through hard material like a professional with the DEWALT DWD112 3/8-Inch VSR Drill powered by a powerful 8-Amp motor and 2,500RPM’s of power is matched by the precision of a variable speed trigger to ensure you have enough speed for the job.

Best Corded Drill Under 100The 100% ball-bearing construction means the drill will stand-up to heavy use like drilling 3/8” in metal, 1-1/8” in wood with the hole saw and 1” in wood with a spade bit.

Adding to the drill’s durability and ease of use is the 3/8” all-metal ratcheting keyless chuck.

The drill may work hard but your body won’t because the DWD112 has a specially designed soft-grip handle which spares your hands and wrists from strain.

The 4.1 pound weight means the drill is light enough to use without tiring.

The DWD112 3/8-Inch Pistol Grip Drill comes with a keyless all-metal chuck, user’s manual, 90 days for your money back, free service for one year and a limited warranty for three.

Owners of the DWD112 Drill say the details of craftsmanship such as the long power cord, soft-grip, all metal chuck and level stand-out.


Some people say the variable-speed trigger takes getting used to because it’s either too fast or too slow.

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Black & Decker DR560 7.0-Amp 1/2-Inch Drill/Driver

Small and powerful, the Black & Decker DR560 ” Drill and Driver comes with a 7-Amp motor giving up to 900 revolutions per minute. Full power reverse is provided by a reversing brush system.

Best Corded Drill Under 100 reviewA strong, all metal keyed chuck keeps the bit from coming loose when under pressure.

The 360 degree handle is placed near the middle of the drill and provides a good grip for control and accuracy.

The comfort grip handle keeps your grip strong and ready.

Control the speed and torque of the bit with the variable-speed trigger.

The DR560 comes with the chuck key and its holder, the side handle and a two-year warranty.

Users of the Black and Decker DR560 say it’s not suitable for light work because it’s very strong and has a lot of torque. You need to stop giving power ahead of time or you’ll sink screws to deeply into the material.

Corded Drill Under 100

Caution is needed and you have to hold the drill correctly because it has enough power to twist arms or even injure your hands.

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DEWALT DWD115K VSR Mid-Handle Grip Drill Kit with Keyless Chuck

A good choice for homeowners and do-it-yourselfers, the Dewalt DWD115K delivers speeds up to 2,500RPM powered by an 8Amp motor. The 3/8” drill has a 1” capacity for woodworking using a spade bit, 1 1/8” using a hole saw and 3/8” in steel using the twist bit.

Best Corded Drill Under 100

The keyless chuck allows for quick and easy bit changing and extra control is given by the comfort designed mid-handle grip.

The 3/8” chuck ratchets to self-tighten the bit so it won’t come loose when it meets greater resistance. More usability features include a variable-speed trigger and a convenient switch to put the drill in reverse.

The Dewalt DWD115K is made to be durable and features ball-bearing construction to last for years making this the only drill you’ll need for around the house tasks.

Good work is easier to do because Dewalt’s well-balanced, ergonomic design makes for a better balanced drill that sits more naturally in your hand with the soft grip. The drill is light weight at only 4.1 pounds allowing you to work for extended periods of time without tiring.

The Dewalt DWD115K comes with the kit box, limited three-year warranty, one-year service contract and ninety days money back.

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Screw Driving with Corded Drills

Be careful when using some corded drills as a screwdriver. A powerful drill without a variable-speed handle will be hard to control and you may wind-up driving the screw far into the material or stripping it all together.

what is the Best Corded Drill Under $100

A good corded drill for driving screws is one with a variable-speed trigger and hopefully a clutch with different speed options.

A clutch like this will set the drill so it doesn’t use too much power when working with different types of materials and is a good way to gain more control of the torque used when driving screws.

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Corded Drills are Durable

A good corded drill is usually made sturdier than a cordless one. The weight of the batteries in a cordless drill means that the materials used for constructing it are lighter than the materials used for corded drills.

Many times, a corded drills chuck is keyed for a much firmer grip on the bit than a keyless one.

The motor of a corded drill is almost always more powerful and will deliver higher RPM’s than the cordless drills. They are also made to be more durable to last for years compared to the cordless ones whose design becomes outdated in a couple of years.


Corded drills are just more convenient because they are always ready

The best corded drill under 100 may be found once you know the uses you’ll put it through. It’s a good idea to think ahead so you can buy the best corded drill under 100 that will last for many years.