Top 7: Whats The Best Concrete Saw 2022 (Gas Powered or Electric)

A concrete saw needs to be a lot of things. Good-quality saws should be compact, not overly large or cumbersome, as well as versatile and maneuverable.

whats the best Concrete Saw 2018

They should also be lightweight to avoid fatigue, but that weight shouldn’t come at the cost of structural integrity: a saw needs to be durable.

That’s a pretty tall order, which is exactly why I’ve curated this list of what I think are the best concrete saw of the year.


Every saw listed below is powerful, durable, and versatile, and I’ve made an effort to try to compile a diverse list of products to ensure there’s something for just about everyone.

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Best Concrete Saw Reviews 

1. Husqvarna K760

best concrete saw 2019

There’s no way around it: the Husqvarna K760 is an absolute beast. The manufacturer boasts improved, freshly optimized performance in comparison to previous iterations, and it shows.


The saw is also much more stable in its handling, with drastically fewer vibrations.


That’s a pretty big deal; with such a heavy duty tool, stability is a huge talking point.The saw also does a stellar job of keeping cool thanks to the newly implemented, cutting-edge active air filtration.


This feature adds a lot to the K760’s safety factor, as even after extended use it keeps a consistent temperature.

The engine is a 2-stroke, air cooled variant, only adding to the tool’s overall quality.The blades have a maximum depth of six inches, giving the saw enormous reach and maneuverability–key aspects when deciding what tool will be right for you.


The saw also features lightning-quick water shut off, filling out the impressive feature set.


The saw takes a multitude of blade brands so that you can customize the tool to your liking. All in all, the K760 is a great option for a well-rounded, jack of all trades type of saw.

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2. Evolution DISCCUT1


best gas powered concrete saw

My personal choice for a good-quality, more affordable product, the Evolution DISCCUT1 is a great option for those with a lower budget.


As a matter of fact, the DISSCUTT1 may be the best bang for your buck available, statistically speaking.For the low asking price, you’re getting a laundry list of sought after features. This electric disc cutter only consumes 15 AMPS, an incredible feat in regards to energy efficiency.


The saw goes through concrete like it’s paper; the lack of resistance when cutting even reinforced concrete and stone is incredible. Even brick melts away when this saw starts going.

Several support grips allow you to cut horizontally or vertically with safety and accuracy.


The saw is packaged with an impressive, foot long diamond blade, making an already great deal even better. And while the four-inch maximum depth leaves some to be desired, the savings provided make it a tolerable trade-off. A fully adjustable safety guard is included as well.


The DISCUTT1 seems to have made safety a priority, as the manufacturer ensures that the saw will give off zero harmful fumes.


A testament to its power output, the demolition saw can even be used as an effective alternative to a jackhammer; that’s seriously impressive considering the price. As a budget option, you would be hard-pressed to find a more fully featured alternative.

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3. Makita 4114X

best concrete saw review 2019

My pick for a mid-range option is the consumer-favorite Makita 4114x. This iteration of the Makita line boasts a 25% greater cutting capacity than previous models… not too shabby.


The manufacturer also boasts a patented ‘Super Joint System’ that they promise will prevent gear damage by way of wheel binding.


If wheel binding has been a frequent nuisance for you, that may just make the Makita the best option.The saw also features a stellar 15 AMP motor. The motor can output an impressive 3,500 RPM: more than enough to rip through any material you put in front of it.


As an added bonus, the Makita also comes packaged with an AC/DC switch for alternative power sources. In regards to practical features, the tool base can be removed to allow for greater control and accuracy.Wheels have been placed along the saw to ensure a smooth, clean cut.

One of its most interesting features is the built-in vacuum, which clears dust and debris while you’re cutting. This is a pretty robust feature set, and when considering its mid-range price point, the Makita proves to be an excellent value.


Not many saws go as far to pack in as many quality-of-life features as this one does.With a 5-inch cutting depth, the Makita makes the grade in just about every aspect. Relative to our other options, this saw comes off as a sort of jack of all trades, master of none.

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4. MK-CX-3

best electric concrete saw 2019

My pick for a high-end saw is the MK-CX-3. This one is the real deal, and should only be seriously considered if you use concrete saws on the daily. And for those that do, the MK-CX-3 knocks it out of the park. This thing is a total beast, made in the USA and completely gas-powered.


Featuring a whopping 6.5 horsepower (whoa) in its compact engine, it won’t leave anything to be desired in terms of sheer force. Even more impressive, you can use the MK-CX-3 on dry or wet surfaces, a distinction not many saws can boast.

It’s packing a ton in terms of features too. An integrated water distribution system makes sure both sides of the blade are wet and ready to rip. The blade will also be protected by an aluminum cast blade-guard mounted on both sides.


That same guard is what allows the saw to get within 1-inch from the surface you’re working on, meaning this thing is capable of some serious accuracy. The saw also has adjustable depth and throttle control right on the console.


Packing a 5.5-inch cutting depth, it’s no slouch in reach either. The MK-CX-3 makes the grade in every category. It’s compact, lightweight, and extremely powerful all at the same time.

For cutting enthusiasts, this is the best concrete saw available.

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best gas concrete saw 2019

The best concrete saw for a beginner be considering? In my opinion, the DEWALT DWC860W is far and away the best option for beginners. The DEWALT is completely handheld, making it a far less daunting purchase than our previous options.


This compact size may sacrifice raw power, but it comes with a lot of bonuses as well.To start, the blade is about 4-inches in circumference, meaning this saw has some serious versatility. You can maneuver it with ease, making it a great option for someone who has never used a concrete saw before.

The DEWALT is also a great option for hobbyists. For modest home renovations and tune-ups, this is definitely the saw to be considering.


It’s small size also makes storage easy. And because of its relatively modest horsepower, this saw can be used on granite and other such materials, as opposed to just concrete.The DEWALT also features a 13-foot water line, designed to feed moisture to the blade to diminishes debris and ensure a clean cut.


Another interesting feature is the ‘lock-on’ button; just press it once, and the blade will keep on spinning.Because you won’t need to be constantly jamming the trigger, you won’t be nearly as fatigued after hours of meticulous cutting.


Not bad for such a little guy. This one is recommended for beginners and those with limited storage space.

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6. Rockwell RK3441k

best concrete saw 2019

Here’s another great handheld option: the Rockwell RK3441K. This saw impresses in just about every aspect. Featuring a high-quality 5-amp electric motor, the Rockwell has power to spare. Furthermore, the manufacturer promises premium performance packed into this slender package.


The manufacturer also says the Rockwell is approximately 50% lighter than the competition, making it a solid choice for long stretches of work.

The blade spins at 3,500 RPM, meaning it will tear through just about anything you throw at it.


The compact design allows for an impressive level of control, letting you squeeze into even the most stubborn spaces.The Rockwell clearly has comfort on the mind; it features a comfortable, high-quality grip that allows for extreme comfort even after extended periods of use.


The Rockwell’s compact design also gives it a great, tactile feel. It has impeccable balance and feels sturdy. It also features a 45-degree bevel capacity, which allows for clean cuts at awkward angles.The saw performs particularly well when doing overhead cuts, as the unique design allows for a great deal of visibility.

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7. Hitachi CC12Y

gas powered concrete saw reviews

For our final entry, I’ve chosen the Hitachi CC12Y. The Hitachi has a laundry list of great features and a unique, aesthetically pleasing design.


First, the Hitachi has wonderful ergonomics. It makes use of an extremely wide base to ensure balance and stability when making difficult cuts.


The Hitachi also comes packaged with an enormous stability handle, to ensure every cut is made with precision and care. Also included is a unique, incredibly useful ‘quick-swap’ feature, which allows for the blades to be changed without needing to dismantle the entire saw.

The saw is powered by an impressive 15-amp motor, giving it enough power for even the most difficult cuts.Bricks, pavement, concrete–anything you put in front of this thing’s blade will be halved in seconds. The Hitachi also includes AC/DC, allowing you to use the saw wherever you want, without difficulty.


The Hitachi is a great pick for any enthusiast. The Hitachi also comes packaged with a substantial, sturdy blade guard, ensuring even the worst accidents won’t have much effect.


You can even use the Hitachi on wet-pavement, making it an extremely featured power tool relative to its competition. Energy efficient, powerful, well designed and affordable, the Hitachi CC12Y is an excellent option for just about anyone.


If every other entry on this list seemed to be missing something for you, the Hitachi is a fantastic alternative.


My hope with this is list is that you can find a quality concrete saw that fulfills all of your needs. Every concrete saw here is a quality choice in its own way, and not one of them is the definitive best.

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Concrete Saw Safety

Closing Shop!

That said, I hope I’ve helped you find the best concrete saw for your needs.


So what do you think? Did you find this list helpful and enjoyable to read? Leave any comments, questions or suggestions you may have in the comments!


Thank you for reading.